Easy Tips To Improve Your Push-Up Endurance

Easy Tips To Improve Your Push-Up Endurance

It is often said to get guaranteed results one should always stick to basics, well there is nothing fancy about a push-up but it is one of the best exercises one can perform to get in shape, it is an all round exercise that build your chest, triceps, abdominal muscles and help you get that core strength you always wanted. Note however that you need to follow the correct form in order to see those results.

Tips To Improve Your Push-Up Endurance

1. Set A Target Number

Having said all that what we first need to see is how to improve our push-up endurance. One fact is that the standard push up is in fact an integrated effort of multiple muscle groups working at the same time, and there is just so much one can do with the normal form.

firstly, if you have a lot of time everyday what you can do is start off with a certain target number of push-ups that you are comfortable with, hit three sets of each, and with time as you begin to notice you can hit these targets easily increase your targets and reps. What this method does in fact is that you gradually push your body by setting higher and higher targets so your body builds those extra muscles that are resistant to the increased pressure and thus increasing your endurance .

Set A Target Number

2. Twek The Push-Up Routine

Now, if you don’t have time to pull off this routine and are looking for some shorter method of getting the same results what you need to do is tweak up your push-ups, introduce positions which will make it harder to do your push-up, this way you still work those same set of muscles or even more, and get the same results with increased endurance.

Twek The Push-Up Routine

I will tell you a few different techniques, just remember start off from the basic ones and gradually move up the ladder to the more complex push-ups.

3. Modulations For Endurance Enhancement

Now, if you’re a beginner and can’t even manage to pull off single a push-up in standard form then don’t worry there is something easier that you can do. Just get to your normal push-up position, and now instead of getting your support from your feet rest your body on your knees and perform the push-ups in this position. This is a much easier position to start off from as the weight you need to push up reduces by quiet a lot.

Modulations For Endurance Enhancement

After you’ve got the hang of this you can move up to doing the standard push-ups, do them for sometime till your comfortable with them and can manage to do at least twenty in the correct form without much difficulty. Now here come the modulations, each of these will work as a normal push up but will engage certain groups of muscles more than the standard ones.

4. Normal Stance

Firstly you can try out this, get into your normal push up stance, now what you do is lift one of your legs off the ground so that your back and your leg now form a slight arch the angle between your legs will be hardly 30 degrees.After doing this do your push-ups, after doing around ten of these switch legs and then repeat again, do as many sets your comfortable with. This workout works your shoulders and abdominal muscles more.

 Normal Stance


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5. Close-Ups

The next ones are called close up push-ups and they work your core and triceps most. Here you need to bring your palms close to each other and then perform your push-ups , note here that this stance will be quiet difficult to pull off and may need some time before you can perform it in the correct form. Just remember when you are performing this type of push up make sure your arm bends inwards and not outwards.


6. Clapping Push-Ups

Now, after you have done the above types of push-ups, this one should be” relatively” easy, but not that easy either, this works your chest like hell. This exercise is called the clapping push-ups, this is just like the standard push –up, only difference, every time you push yourself up.

Clapping Push-Ups

you need to do so hard enough to push your upper body off the ground by quiet some distance, it should be enough for you to be able to clap your hands together once you are at the maximum height in the air ,once your done with the clap land back on your hands,  now just make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process, if you see you can’t push yourself high enough to perform a clap just go slow, and just try to push yourself of the ground without the clap, once you manage to get the hang of it only then go for the claps.

Also, I would suggest that no one skips the order of push-ups I mentioned and that you move to the most complex ones after you are done with your basics because it’s a long drawn process and you don’t want to get yourself hurt by starting off with a clapping push-up and then realizing mid air that you can’t pull one off and end up landing on your face.

7. Thrust Your Endurance

The next push up will actually push up your endurance of normal push-ups by quiet a margin and make sure to follow correct form and perform this at a slower pace than how you would normally do one. So here’s what it is like, keep your hands wider than you normal would, almost a palm’s length away, now when you go down on the push up keep to one side, then hold your position at the base of the palm on that side, then slowly move yourself parallel to the ground toward the opposite side , hold your position , and then make your way back up slowly, after completing one , do the same starting from the other side.

 Thrust Your Endurance

Do these modified forms of push-ups, and I guarantee you that your endurance for standard push-ups will go off the charts.