Easy Ways For Fat Loss In The Body

Easy Ways For Fat Loss In The Body

Fat loss is not completely same as the weight loss. Not eating any of the meals might make the person to lose weight but, fat loss will not happen by skipping the meals. Doing exercise slowly will help the body to burn fat by 60 percent and glucose by 40 percent. If lot of efforts are put in doing the exercise, more than 60 percent of glucose and lower than 40 percent of fat will be burnt.

Easy Ways For Fat Loss In The Body

Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat

Stop Following Intense Diet Plans

The healthy diet not just involves eating less but, eating more of the diet that is nutritious. Eating more of nutritious diet will help in keeping the stomach full and gain empty calories or very less calories from the food. It is so important to eat less calorie food instead of entirely stopping to eat the food.

Stopping the intake of food will generate a signal in the body to lower its metabolism and take immediate steps for saving the current energy sources in the body. The body tends to store its energy resources as it realizes that it is made to starve. If the food is not taken for long period, the fat accumulation increases further and the muscle tissue starts depleting. The metabolism in the body reduces more and the fat begins to occupy more space in the body.

Going To Bed Early

There was a research study conducted in Finland which dealt with a few of the identical twins. In each of those twins, the researchers have identified that the one who did not have enough sleep could accumulate more of visceral fat than the one who slept well. Sleeping well could eliminate the stress and hence reduced the fat accumulation.

Eating More Protein

Protein is very much necessary for the body to build and maintain lean muscle. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published an article in the year 2006 on daily intake of protein.

Eating More Protein


The researchers have strongly recommended in this article that usual daily intake of protein considered as 0.36 gms for each pound of body weight is not sufficient for the people who are performing resistance training. These people are recommended to take 0.54gms per pound of body weight and the women are advised to take about one gram per pound of body weight. The researchers also have revealed that protein has the capacity to enhance the calorie burning after taking the meal by about 35 percent.

Choose Organic If You Can Afford

The researchers in Canada have found that the diet with the pollutants like organochlorines from the pesticides are seen stored in the fat cells. These diets might cause reduction in metabolism once the body loses weight. This might be due to the interference of toxins with the calorie burning process. It can be said that pesticides might resist the loss of body weight.
It may not be always possible to afford organic products.

Certain fruits like bananas, grapes, avocados might not use more pesticides and hence they can be good even if they are grown out of organic standards. But, potatoes, spinach, apples, blue berries and many more have to be chosen as organic as they are accompanied by lots of pesticides.

Standing Up At The Work

Whether the person sits or stands up while doing the work at office might have a great effect on the fitness routine. The researchers at Missouri University found out that being inactive for about four hours or greater than that might regulate the functioning of the enzyme that is responsible for the cholesterol and fat metabolism.

To allow the enzyme to be active and enhance the fat burning process, the office time must be provided with a few break-ups. For example, speaking on the phone by standing up.

Drink Cold Water

Drinking six cups of cold water every day could enhance the resting metabolism by fifty calories was the result of a research study done in Germany.

Drink Cold Water

This energy was found to be sufficient to cut down five pounds of weight in a year without putting any extra effort. The rise in metabolism is probably due to the work that is done to raise the temperature of the water to the body temperature.

Eating Spicy Food

The capsicum is known to be popular in generating fire in the body and raise the metabolism. As per the research work published in the Jr. of Nutri. Sci. and Vitaminology, eating one tablespoon of powdered pepper will enhance the sympathetic nervous system. The metabolism rise of nearly 23 percent is observed.

Compulsory Breakfast

As per a study that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who earned about 22 to 55 percent of their total calories per day only from the breakfast could add up 1.7 pounds to their weight while those who earned nearly 11 percent and less than that were able to add three pounds to their weight. Therefore, it is suggested that the first meal everyday should be taken sufficiently.

Drinking Coffee Or Tea

Caffeine is observed as the substance that can stimulate the central nervous system. Drinking coffee or tea everyday will enhance the metabolism by nearly 5 to 8 percent.

This metabolic rise will burn nearly 98 to 174 calories every day.

Drinking Coffee Or Tea

The metabolism is increased by 12 percent when the person drinks a cup of brewed tea as per a Japanese research study. The researchers say that catechins like antioxidants present in the tea will be able to enhance the metabolism.

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Fiber Can Battle With Fat

A research study has revealed that fiber has the capacity to increase the burning of fat by about 30 percent. Several studies have proved that people who eat fiber mostly will put on less weight as time passes.

Eating Foods Rich In Iron

The oxygen that is used by the muscles to burn fat is carried to the desired area of the body with the help of Iron.

Eating Foods Rich In Iron

If the iron stores in the body are not restored, the person might have the risk of low energy with a reduced metabolism. Some of the rich sources of iron are spinach, shellfish, fortified cereals, beans, and lean meat.

Eating More Vitamin D

The muscle tissue is protected by vitamin D when it is preserved. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D (400IU) is known to be present in 3.5ounces of salmon.

Drinking Milk

Some studies show that deficiency of calcium in women might be responsible for lowered metabolism. Research studies also revealed that taking calcium along with the dairy food items like fat free milk, low fat yogurt and so on will decrease the absorption of fat.