6 Effective Body Building Diet For Women

 Effective Body Building Diet For Women

For women who are involved in body building, having a diet with very poor nutrition is a very dear mistake. More than men, women have to be very careful when it comes to following a diet as their body has a tendency to accumulate fat instead of burning it. So you must take care while following a diet plan as it should promote the buildup of muscle mass.

What Is The Perfect Diet For Bodybuilding In Women?

Diet plays an important role in bodybuilding. The diet must be full of nutrition as it is essential to promote body building activities. The female body builder would eat small and frequent meals in a day. These mini meals would be highly nutritious as it should offer the required number of calories.

1. Whole Grain Diets

Whole grains are much more beneficial in comparison to other kinds of foods. There are a lot of whole grain foods,  such as brown rice, oatmeal, pasta and whole grain breads  which are extremely healthy for the bodybuilder.

The diet for the bodybuilders should consist of 40% of complex carbohydrates.

Whole Grain Diets

2. Protein Rich Diet

The bodybuilding diet for women should have protein rich foods which are measured by the ratio of 1.6g to 2 g for every kg of their body weight.

Again this might vary according to the body constituents of every individual. The diet should have complete proteins along with amino acids as it will help in synthesizing the muscles.

Protein Rich Diet

3. Lean Meats And Legumes

They should include lots of lean varieties of meat and legumes as these are the rich source of proteins. Protein rich diets pave way for building up the muscles and hence having a regular dose of proteins every 3 to 4 hours is essential.

Including high protein foods such as skinless chicken breast, shrimp, roasted chicken, lean beef, egg whites and tuna are essential. The diet for the bodybuilders should consist of 30% of protein.


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4. Carbohydrate Rich Diets

Body building women require lots of carbohydrates to perform their workout with high efficiency and power. A high carb diet is essential as it helps the body builder to increase the energy levels in the body. The diet in the morning should particularly have lots of carbohydrates to start their day with much zeal.

Also lack of carbohydrates will lead to muscle mass depletion which is a grave mistake while having a body building diet for women. This is caused because the body will break up the muscle tissue to offer carbohydrate energy to perform routine work which would make them to lose muscle build up.


5. Diets With Healthy Fats

The diet for the women who are involved in bodybuilding cuts away the possibility of any trace of unhealthy fats. You must make sure that you do include the healthy unsaturated fats.

Healthy Fats

6. Seeds, Nuts

These kinds of fats are found in abundance in foods like nuts, seeds, fish and plant oils. Each mini meal of the body builder should contain small fat servings as the body requires hormone production to aid in muscle growth.

Also this is essential for women body builders as it regulates their menstrual periods, keeps hair and skin soft and supple. The diet for the bodybuilders should consist of 30% of fat daily.