5 Effective Bodybuilding Diet Plan

5 Effective Bodybuilding Diet Plan

It is a well toned and perfect body which defines our personality and makes us look different from others. However, it is not that easy to own such a body. In order to attain it, you must exercise every day and follow a strict diet plan to build a body which makes heads turn.

Dedication is the key to success as you should not give up when following a strict bodybuilding diet plan. It will help muscle mass to build up faster and the benefits of the exercise that you do will increase ten-fold. Follow this diet plan for best results.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Diet Plan

1. Protein Rich

Protein Rich

Protein forms the basis of your diet if you wish to build muscle mass. Supply your body with adequate quantities of protein in each meal so that it is able to maintain a nitrogen balance which is positive in nature as this is very important for body building.
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Include eggs, oatmeal, chicken breast, lean beef and legumes in your diet every day and spread these items in the whole day’s diet. Drink protein shake twice every day, morning and evening.

2. Vitamin And Mineral Rich

Vitamin And Mineral Rich

Eat 2 to 3 portions of fruits like oranges, kiwi and papaya and include loads of green vegetables in your diet. This will help you to get your daily dose of vitamins.

However, when you are building body muscle the vitamin and mineral that you get from your food are not enough to give you all the energy that your body requires.
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Thus, it is recommended to get a multivitamin or multimineral pack and consume 1 spoon of it mixed in water to get your extra dose of vitamins and minerals.

3. Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

Though fat forms a very important part of our diet it is very important to eat less amounts of fat when you are trying to build your body. Also, you should know which kind of fats will make your work easier and contribute to body building.Out of the calories that you consume in 1 day, 20 percent of it should come from fat.
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Consume essential fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3 as they help you to build your body rapidly. Flaxseeds, flax oil and fish oil and its supplements are the best sources of these types of fatty acids.

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4. Carbohydrates


In order to fuel your workout, carbohydrates form the main source of energy to keep you going. If your body does not get enough carbohydrates, it starts looking for protein to break it down and use it as energy.

Thus it becomes absolutely essential for you to consume carbohydrates or else your entire body building program will be a waste. Eat whole wheat products instead of refined flour, rice and baked potatoes every day to keep your program going exactly as it should.

5. Advantage Of Water

Advantage Of Water

Very few people know that water can work wonders when you are trying to build your body. The energy produced in your body gets regulated, along with fat metabolism with the help of water.Another reason why you should consume loads of water is that a high-protein diet makes the body dehydrated. Thus, it becomes important to keep the body well hydrated with water.