5 Effective Bodybuilding Workout Gym Schedule

Effective Bodybuilding Workout Gym Schedule

The best bodybuilding schedule is the one in which you can equally concentrate on different parts of your body. You may spread them over the week or a five days schedule. One of the most effective bodybuilding schedules is the five day split workout schedule.

In this powerful bodybuilding workout schedule, you choose to train one of your body parts each day of the week.

This gives you an opportunity to hit every group of muscle with ample training volume and power. Also, it gives every part of the body a recovery time of one complete week before you train it once again the following week.

Though, there are several ways you can decide upon grouping different muscles for preparing your very own bodybuilding workout schedule, one of the best ways is to dedicate one day each for training your chest, legs, shoulders, arms and back.

The Five Day Bodybuilding Workout Schedule

1. Training The Legs

Training The Legs

It helps to begin your weekly bodybuilding workout schedule with your legs, as it is the toughest part of the body to be trained and would require high levels of energy. Thus, it helps to hit the legs first in your five day split workout schedule.

Also, several people choose Monday for doing bench press; this implies that you don’t have to wait for the squat rack if you are working out in a gym. After squats, you can begin with leg presses, calf raises and hamstring curls, for may be four to five sets of 8-20 repetitions for each.

2. Train The Chest On The Second Day

Train The Chest

After legs, put your chest for training on the second day of your workout schedule. Experts recommend that you should begin the chest workout using a dumbbell press variations. After completing this, you can move towards the machine press and later to cable crossovers or dumbbell flyes and finally do the bench presses.

Many people prefer doing the bench press first but experts recommend doing it last because the joints get warmed up by the second day and prevent you from elbow and shoulder injuries, if you do the benching in the end of your daily workout schedule.

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3. Back Training On The Third Day

Back Training

For your back, you can begin with deadlifts, which are considered to be one of the best workouts that help to build a muscular back, especially the middle and lower back.When you are performing deadlifting, ensure that your abdominals are absolutely tensed and your back is properly arched. It helps to work up to a limit of three to five reps per set. After deadlifting, you can do barbell or dumbbell rows and then finish with chin-ups.

4. Train Shoulders On The Fourth Day

Train Shoulders

Military presses are effective exercises that can be done as part of your bodybuilding workout schedule. You can do a number of strict presses except for the last few push presses. In these presses, use your legs for driving the weight upwards. Then, finally do some sets of lateral raise, barbell shrugs and reverse flyes to call it a day.

5. Train Arms In The End

Train Arms

As arms are the easiest and least demanding of all the body parts, you can easily workout your arms at the last day of your bodybuilding workout schedule.To get perfect biceps and triceps, you can first do biceps workouts and immediately jump at doing your triceps.

You can choose two biceps and two triceps workouts each week.