4 Effective Bodybuilding Workout Women Should Follow

Effective Bodybuilding Workout Women Should Follow

Effective body building is accompanied by resistance training that aims at increasing the strength of the muscles, enhanced size and high definition. After a few years of bodybuilding workout women can have a well toned, sculpted body. The main challenge that lies behind body building in women when compared to men is the higher level of estrogen hormones which hinders with the fat burning process thereby making it very difficult in improving the muscle mass.

This can be, however, tackled with an effective workout plan and nutritious fat free diet. When it comes to work out to promote body building ability in women, the workouts are angled at promoting the muscle mass at a faster pace.

Best Bodybuilding Workout For Women

1. Rapid Workouts That Aim In Muscle Growth

Heavy duty and intense workouts aim at bulking up your muscle mass quickly. This is very effective that even short term workouts offer desired effect within a very few weeks.

These workouts offer the much needed shock to the muscles in a woman’s body as heavy weights are incorporated and also offer a speedy recovery within a short period of time. The right form and technique ensures that the result is perfectly achieved.

Rapid Workouts That Aim In Muscle Growth

2. Cardio Workouts To Keep Maintain The Health Of The Heart

Women who wish to adopt body building will have to get consistent Cardio workouts. This is essential as it aims at burning the accumulated fat or the stubborn fat in a particular area. Even if women spend long hours at the gym, it ends in vain if a layer of fat covers it.

This can be achieved by indulging in a vigorous Cardio workout that can last at least half an hour daily. Make sure this Cardio workout takes place at least five times a week. This can also be complimented with 15 minutes walk or more as it also helps to burn more calories.

 Cardio Workouts To Keep Maintain The Health Of The Heart

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3. Symmetrical Workouts

To prevent any imbalances in the muscles of women bodybuilders, they are advised to undertake symmetrical work outs that aim at work at different muscle groups in the body.

This concentrates on the biceps, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings as it will reduce the look of having an odd looking muscle development in one part of the body. This will help to flaunt a even look on a female body builder which is highly essential.

Symmetrical Workouts

4. Workouts With Weight Training

The beauty of the body flaunted by the women body builder lies in the workout regime they follow using the weights. Incorporate weights into your workouts and start with a lesser weight and follow the same regime for a few weeks, then introduce heavy weights after a few weeks as the body of women would have adapted to the same level of weights.

Now introducing heavy weights along with the workout would help to develop the muscles in the body within a few years time. If using dumbbells use 5 lbs for the first time and proceed to do about sets of 12 reps for a few weeks then proceed to choose 7 lbs for 12 reps.

Workouts With Weight Training