Eight Count Body Builder Calisthenics Exercise

Count Body Builder Calisthenics Exercise

If you think that one needs to spend a lot of time in the gym amid expensive and sophisticated machines to achieve a good muscular body, think again. Although modern sports equipment have a substantial role to play in the overall fitness and muscle development programs, free hand exercises or exercises that use the body’s own weight as resistance work equally well if not better.

That’s primarily the reason that a lot of military and commando training programs across the globe continue to follow the calisthenics exercise program with great success. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of calisthenics exercise let us pause for a moment and try and understand the science behind using the calisthenics workout program and its advantages.

An Overview Of Calisthenics Exercise

So what exactly is calisthenics exercise one may ask? Simply speaking calisthenics exercise is not as complex as the name sounds and use body’s own weight as resistance in order to build, develop and tone body muscles.  One of the biggest adavantages of using calisthenics exercise is that they need no gym subscription or expensive equipment and can be performed anywhere with ease. Although there is a wide range of calisthenics exercises, push-ups, eight-count body-building exercise and mountain climbers are the three most widely used and recommend calisthenics exercises.

There are a number of  Calisthenics exercises that one can choose and develop his or her own program depending on the fitness objective of the individual. Experts recommend users to keep changing their  Calisthenics exercise program to avoid any plateau periods where the desired results dry up as the body gets accustomed to one set of exercise program.

Eight Count Body Builder Calisthenics Exercise Program

The Eight Count Body Builder Calisthenics is a really great exercise for developing the upper body muscles, chest, shoulders, triceps as well as the lower body muscles. One of the biggest advantages of an eight count body builder calisthenics exercise is that it is a great cardiovascular exercise in addition to working on the muscle development of the body.

Since an eight count body builder calisthenics exercise is a complete package that works on the overall physical development of the body, it’s no doubt then that its’ one of the most widely used exercises in most military training programs.

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Performing Eight Count Body Builder Calisthenics Exercise

1. Stand in straight in an upright position with feet shoulder level apart.

2. Slowly bend down towards the floor placing your hands shoulder level apart on the floor while bending your legs in a squat position. Remember to brace your core muscles as you move into the squat position.

3. Keeping your body as straight as possible, move into a push up position and execute a push up.



4. Keeping your body intact in the push up position, move your body weight on your arms and shoulders and kick your legs apart in a scissor like movement.

5. Scissor your legs open and close while executing the scissor movement while the body weight shifts on the arms and the chest region.

Count Body Builder

6. After executing the scissor movement, bringing your legs back into the basic push up position, move your legs towards your chest area.

7. Once your legs are close to your chest region, jump back up into your starting position keeping the mid section free of any strain.

8. Jump up from the earlier position and reach the upright standing position with arms next to your shoulders and feet shoulder level apart.

upright standing


This is one set of the 8 count body builder calisthenics exercise. Repeat the whole process for the next set. The total numbers of sets depend on your fitness objective and may differ from person to person.  Do not over do the 8 count body builder calisthenics if you are a beginner. Increase your repetitions gradually to achieve the best results.