Exercise Schedule In Gym For Men

Exercise Schedule In Gym For Men

While in the gym you need to forget everything else and the only thing that should matter you is the training. The rest intervals are not actually to rest but must be utilized in a right way to stretch the muscles and small walk for relaxation, rubbing of worked muscles and imitating the next workout without weight to get the hold of performance technique.
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Things To Remember While Gym Workout:

1. Keep Your Workout Speed To Average

Technique of the exercise is a must, it is important to take a note of it while weight lifting. The two phases are positive and negative where the first one involves lifting and second means lowering. Lifting should be done in 2 second while lowering can last for 3-4 seconds. Positive phase is followed by breathing out and vice versa. Do not be in a hurry while lowering with a jerk, rather reduce the weight that cheating on the technique.

 Keep Your Workout Speed To Average

2. Reach The Muscle Failure

When working out in the gym, it is important that you reach the point till you have a muscle failure. Once done with a set you are generally sure that probably this is the last one that you can do correctly.But if there is a certainty that you can do more that means you cheated and there has to be an increase in the weight. Overloading is a must, fix your goals and then proceed to the gym to achieve it.

Reach The Muscle Failure

3. Sequence Of Gym Exercises

To get good results in muscle building you need to follow certain sequence. Start gyming with multi joint exercises and end with a single joint one. To build muscles you need to improve strength growth.

A routine workout must begin with big groups of muscles that are legs, chest and back, then the shoulder and arms where the small muscles are deltoid muscles, triceps and biceps.

Here is a schedule for 7 day workout that can deliver you a perfect gym body. Add weight as per your convenience and slightly heavier than you can pick in general. The detailed day to day exercises clearly mentions where to push yourself harder and where to use light weights. Avoid the risk of injury by piling up the weights and for the rest, take assistance from your gym instructor.

Sequence Of Gym Exercises

Best Gym Workout Routines For Men

DAY 1- Abs, Chest and Calves

Abs- 4 sets of 20 repetition crunches with knee up and legs crossed at the ankle followed by crunches when knees raised and you seated at the edge of flat bench. Last of the crunches is a decline position sit ups.

Chest- Start with 15 sets of dumbell flies with light weights as warmup and dumbell flies on flat bench at least 3 sets and 8 to 10 reps. Do proper flies for complete stretch. Then 2 sets each of incline dumbell press and incline flies, 10 repetition each with 3 sets of cable cross over 12 repetitions.

Calves- 3 sets with 15 repetition of seated calf raises with heavy weights and calf raises standing with peak contraction to the top every repetition.

DAY 2- Focus on the Legs

Begin your workout with a slight warmup on a treadmill or a bike, next is 5 sets with 12 repetition of leg press and try making it heavy keeping your back straight and movements controlled. After this comes the squats, 3 set and 10 repetition. Try doing 3 sets and 10 repetition of dumbell lunges, 10 repetition for first legs and then shift it to other leg. Next leg exercise is 10 repetition, 3 sets of leg extensions where the stress and contraction is felt on top. Trying 4 sets with 12 repetition of lying leg curls works well for your legs and lower back. Last is the dead lifts of 3 sets and 10 repetition for let you feel the stretch.



Your workout should always begin with a stretch and today is the day for cardio. Do intensive cardio for 20 to 30 minutes, it could be running, bicycling or rowing. Follow your cardio with a 20 min stretch where each stretch should last for 30 sec.

DAY 4- Shoulders and Back

Back-To begin with, wide grip pull down is the best option with 3 sets of 12 repetition at the front and this will give a blood rush. Increase the weights gradually keeping the first one light. Next are 3 sets with 8 repetition of bent-over rows that too with underhand. Do not compromise on the posture and try doing it with heavier weight for good results. Last two exercises are of 2 set, 10 repetition of chin lift and 10 repetition, 3 sets seated row.

Shoulder- Shoulder press is what you need to start with, 12 repetitions and 3 sets. Begin with light weight then increase gradually. Seated Dumbell side lateral raise in the next, 12 repetition 3 sets, use light weights but workout very slowly so that you feel maximum burn.
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Rear delt machine is next and it should not be less than 3 sets of 12 repetition.
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Last one is the heavy dumbell shrug and just like other it should be also 3 sets of 12 repetition.

DAY 5- Biceps-Triceps

Biceps-Begin with standing barbell curls single set with light weight and at least 15 repetition. Then move to 3 times, 21 repetition for bicep in its strict form with complete concentration on the top. Preacher curl is the next, 2 sets of 12 repetition is a must, try doing with straight bars where the focus is on squeezing the biceps. Complete the bicep exercise with seated hammer, 3 sets of 12 repetition.

Triceps- Bench press close grip strict workout of 3 sets and 10 repetitions where you can feel the stress at the back of arms. Follow it with 10 repetitions, 3 sets skull crushers with straight bar and finish your tricep exercise with pushdown, minimum of 3 sets at least 10 reps. You can try doing it with a bar angled downwards or even with a rope.

DAY 6- Relaxation

Today is the day for gentle exercises and giving your body some time to repair.

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It is similar to day 3, begin with stretching followed by 30 minutes cardio and this should be the first thing to begin your day with. If possible try doing different cardio from what your did on a day three. Once done with cardio, start with gentle stretching for 20 minutes at least.