4 Exercises For Building Arm Muscles In Women

Exercises For Building Arm Muscles In Women

Women are very sensitive about their tender bodies; that is why they avoid exercise. They opine that it can cause bulky and developing figures. Women have extra advantages of having upper body portions as it makes their body more charming and attractive.

If you are looking for ways of building arms muscles but afraid if it can lead to any problem then make sure that right combination of exercise with adequate resistance will give your body gorgeous, sleek, toned and sexy look that most of the women desire to have. You are supposed to burn fat by engaging in regular aerobics.

Best Exercise Of Building Arm Muscle for Women

1. Triceps Kickback

Triceps Kickback

You can start with 5 lb dumbbell. Stand straight and grip them carefully in your hands. Bow down at 45 degree angle while placing your elbows to your waist and keep your upper body corresponding to the floor. Now, using your triceps muscles, widen your forearm back. In this position, your forearm should be straightening and elbows should not be locked. Slowly come back to the starting point.

You are supposed to repeat this set at least 5 times in the beginning and increase day by day. Perform the same way on other side. In the beginning, two sets are recommended. You can also do the exercise on both the sides at the same time, but as a beginner this is not for you so that you can concentrate on one side and later on other side.

2. Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Another way is alternating dumbbell curl exercise. This is for those women who want to pay attentions on one arm for greatest muscle development. Curling allows you to bear more weight while perfecting the technique. Lift at least 8 lbs dumbbells standing in straight position, but knees a bit bent. This is necessary so that you can put more pressure on your legs.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Slowly curl one dumbbell up to your shoulder and then bring it back down in resting position. Once your dumbbell is in resting position, lift another dumbbell in the same performance. Do not try to overdo the normal capacity. As a trainee 12 curls are recommended with three sets on both the sides.

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3. Shoulder Press

Shoulder press is the best exercise for women having slim body as it decreases abdominal muscles and increases upper body portion. This is also good for women interested in having muscular arms with big breasts. Shoulder press also makes your waist slim. For good advantages, perform this exercise in standing position. Shoulder press can also be performed sitting in a chair.

Position yourself with shoulder distance between your legs gripping a barbell tightly to the top of your chest. The distance between your arms should also be equal. Now, lift the barbell overhead. Pause for one or two seconds and come back to the starting point. If you can easily sustain lifting pressure, then do it 12 times in the beginning otherwise 6 times is enough for you. Do only three sets a day.

Shoulder Press

4. Push-Ups

This is a classical exercise that could be performed anywhere. Push-ups exercise is performed by both lean as well as fat women. But, this is not recommended for pregnant women. Position your hands straight in upright position on the floor while bringing your back, hips and legs in level. Now, rise on your feet toes in such a situation that your arms and toes are in standing position.

Keep your head parallel to the rest of the body. Now, slowly lower your chest to the ground level and rise up in the same manner. Push-ups put pressures on your shoulders and arms. The more you do it, the more developing arms you will have. But, before performing any exercise consult your physician and tell him/her about building your arms.

Push Ups