4 Exercises Of A Thick Back And Bodybuilding Mass

Thick Back And Bodybuilding Mass

There are many exercises for developing the back muscles, but there are few difficult workouts that enhance the thickness of your back muscles and increase the overall bodybuilding mass. Being difficult they are not so popular among the masses.

Most of the bodybuilders who perform these exercises either do not know their importance or do not perform them properly. However, if you perform these exercises in their correct form and set a proper timing you can develop your body mass and also build a thick back.

4 Exercises Of A Thick Back & Bodybuilding Mass 



When it comes to building overall body mass and thick back muscles, deadlifts is one of the best exercises. For confirmation you can consult the bodybuilding websites and magazines and you will definitely see deadlifts among the effective muscle-building exercises. When you grip the barbell with weights, it is already at your shins’ level.

Simply place your feet such that they align with your shoulders and grip the barbell with one palm down and the other up, at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from each other. The movement starts with bent knees, shoulders dropped down and lower back muscles arched. As you move up, push forward your hips, pull the shoulder blades back and let the barbell touch your mid-thigh. The repetition completes when you reverse the movement and reach the starting point.



Squats followed by the deadlifts are considered to be the best overall mass-builder workout. Gripping the barbell at shoulder width, place it on the upper back muscles in between the shoulder blades. Slowly bend your knees and arch your lower back muscles, but you must make sure that your knees do not cross the vertical plane of your toes. Move down until your thighs are flat and parallel to the floor then use your heels to push the weight back to its starting position.

T-Bar Or Bent-Over Rows

Bent-Over Rows

For the bent-over rows grip a barbell at shoulder width and bent over slightly fully extending your arms to the knee level to arch the lower back. The rowing movement starts by pulling the barbell towards the abdomen by driving the elbows towards the back. Reverse the movement and return back to the starting position to complete one repetition.

For the t-bar row you need a t-bar apparatus where you stabilize one end of the bar and load plates on the other end. The movement is similar to bent-over row and the t-bar is equipped with gripping positions for convenience.

You can also perform the t-bar row with a simple bar where you load plates at one end and grip the bar with interlocking fingers.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

While performing one-arm dumbbell row place the right knee and right palm on the bench if you are holding the dumbbell with your left hand. Pull the dumbbell from a fully extended arm position in a rowing motion until the dumbbell reaches your abdomen.

Drive the elbow back to contact the target muscles and return back to the start position. After completing one set, switch sides to perform the same for the back muscles on the right side.