6 Beginners Exercises To Stretch And Tone Butt And Inner Thigh Muscles


Butt and inner thigh muscles are the most challenging to tackle for every beginner. Though it is quite easy to put on weight in the inner thighs and butt, this is the most difficult to lose fat from. Toning these muscles also requires regular workouts, specifically targeted towards these muscles. Stretching exercises are quite effective since they work directly on these muscles. Its effectiveness increases and it gets simpler. The best part is that these stretches are easy to do, which makes them just perfect for beginners.

Here Are 6 Beginners Exercises To Stretch and Tone Butt and Inner Thigh Muscles:

1. Rolling Pin

This easy exercise is specifically targeted towards the hamstrings, inner thighs, and butt muscles. You can start on the ground. You will be in a complete plank position. You will balance on your palms as your shins rest just on the center of a stability ball. You will slowly lift your left leg. Move up to some inches from the ball and then steadily bend your right knees towards the chest. You will be rolling the ball forward during the process. You will then straighten your right leg and again repeat the movement.
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You should do 10 repetitions. Now, switch legs and then repeat.
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2. Upright Crunch

This exercise works on the lat and butt muscles effectively. It is easy and can be done in a short time. You can start by standing as you keep your feet, hip distance apart. You will be holding a 4-6 pound medicine ball just overhead. You will then lift your right leg, a bit behind you. As you keep your ab muscles engaged, you can hinge from the waist region for a crunch. You can then bring up your right knee and move it towards the chest. You will also lower the medicine ball from this position, and move it towards the right hip. Once done, get back to the original position. Repeat at least 10 times. You will then switch the sides and then repeat.


3. Lower Belly Leg Reach

Beginners can do this exercise for targeting the corset, inner thigh muscles, and butt. Start by lying down face upwards. Your knees shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your hands just behind your head. Your abs shall be contracted as you start the workout. Your knees shall be stacked just above the hips. You will slowly lift up your shoulders and then crunch up. Inhale at this point. Hold for 5 seconds and exhale. You can extend your legs and make a 45-degree angle. Hold on to this position for 3-5 seconds as you slowly squeeze the lower belly. You need to do 2 sets and each set shall be of 15 repetitions.
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4. Dumbbell Hot Potato Squat

This is an effective exercise which sets the hurt pumping and effectively burns fat from thighs and butt region. This exercise attacks the thigh and butt muscles to effectively tone it. As the weight is held on one side of the body, it helps in increasing the strain on the core. For this workout, you will need a medium or light dumbbells. Hold this in the racked position and keep your elbows bent.
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It shall rest near the shoulder. Now, you will slowly squat down on the quads as they are parallel to the ground. Quickly move up and stand. You can toss the dumbbell from a hand to another, just in front of the face. Repeat the step 10 times at least.


5. Reverse Crunch

Beginners can start by lying down on the floor with their face up. The hands shall be behind the head. The elbows shall be out towards the side. From this position, the knees have to be bent at 90-degree angle. You need to lift the feet so that your shin shall be parallel to the floor. You will crunch up. Quickly bring the knees close to your chest. Your elbows shall point a bit forward. You will touch the head a bit lightly. There shouldn’t be any tugging. From this position, you can lower the torso and then bend your legs at the same time. Tap the heels on the ground. You can get back to the tuck position. Repeat at least 20 times.


6. Plank

Start by kneeling down on your all fours. Your hands will be below the shoulders. You can stretch the legs back. Stretch one at a time and get into a plank position. You can engage the ab muscles. Position your body straight and long. Your hips shouldn’t be sag and or you shouldn’t lift too high. You shall draw the lower ab muscles a bit inwards, as if you have a belt tightening around the waist. Firmly press the hands on your seat. You will again press your heels strong. Stay in this position at least 10 seconds or as much as you can. You can get back to the original position again.