Extreme Fat Burning Diet

Fat Burning DietIt’s true that by eating a healthy diet and by working out, anyone can literally put down fat. But only following some random eating plan won’t let you lose weight in a single night, but by following the below given diet you can literally lose belly fat and at the same time increasing your metabolism.

And it’s also essential to have unique fat burning foods that you can add to your regular diet to get the maximum results. Some of these foods are delicious and tasty which simultaneously increases your energy so that you can workout more to burn more calories.

Food Breakdown for Fat Burning

Chicken Breast

Chicken Brest is a great source of lean protein and it’s popularly taken by many bodybuilders and athletes. Protein is essential for muscle cell repair and protein value in chicken breast is  very much equal to values of eggs & beef.

Chicken Breast

So you can take it into your daily diet and enjoy eating it happily. It provides good proteins with almost no carbohydrates and considerably low fats.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are good for heart and fights belly fat. So it’s good to have a diet which is consisting of whole grains. You can take breads, cereals made of whole grains and they are good source of carbohydrates. But also make sure that you are taking in less amounts of carbohydrates.

You can take about 11-12 servings of whole wheat bread in a day to meet the daily calorific need of humans. And there are other food sources like rice and cereals which also are made of whole grains.


Tilapia is a fish variety which is a really good source of protein. It’s healthy and good for your heart. It’s not expensive and most popular that can easily be cooked. It has high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids that really aid in improving health and promote healthy lifestyle.


And depending on from which store you buy, you can get it individually or even frozen. And when ever you want to cook, you can just keep the fish in warm water for few minutes.

So this is a must dish, to be in your fat burning diet.

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Broccoli contains vitamins like A & C and lots of fiber that will make your meal complete. Consuming broccoli  on daily basis has reduced the risk of prostrate cancer and helps in preventing heart disease.

You can consume broccoli as raw food or even with other dishes and you can actually like to eat them as they are tasty and delicious. There are variety of recipes to cook broccoli and serve them in your regular diet.

Green Tea

Green Tea is almost consumed by ever bodybuilder, as it’s best source for burning fat and increasing metabolism in the body. Benefits of taking green tea are immense and there are several supplement having green tea extract as major ingredient. Green Tea has caffeine which is really great and you will feel more enthusiastic after taking a cup of green tea.

Green Tea

You can take in green tea before working out, so that caffeine is running in your blood stream and you will feel to lift more weights and train even harder.

At the end you must know that there are variety of ways to prepare foods to satisfy your taste buds. And all your need to remember is eat healthy and soon you will meet that fat loss goal.