5 Extreme Flat Stomach Workout

Extreme Flat Stomach Workout

Having a flat stomach not only indicates that you are having a less body fat ratio and but also tell about your overall fitness. It not just improves your posture but also your endurance and strength.

Totally a flat stomach is an sign that your are leading a healthy lifestyle.

It’s important to note that exercise is the key that your require to get flat stomach, following a low-fat diet and proper rest are also helpful. Cardiovascular exercises burn a lot of fat in abdominal region where as weight training strengthen the muscles. Below are some of the workouts that you can do even at home to burn your belly fat and get flat stomach.

Workouts For Flat Stomach

1. Crunches

It’s advisable to do crunches 3 times a week to train your abdominal muscles. To start with, lie back on the floor with your feet extended. Now bend your knees a bit and place your hands atthe back of  your head but don’t lock the fingers. That will be your starting position.

Now push your lower back down to contract the abdominal muscles as your move your shoulders front. Hold a second at that position and come back until the head touches the floor. Repeat the same movement for 20 reps in 2 sets.


2. Dumbbell Side Bend

This exercise is done with dumbbells to work your abdominal muscles. To begin with, stand on the floor with your back straight holding a dumbbell in one hand.
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Your palms be facing to your torso, while your right hand is holding the side of the waist.

With the weight in your right hand, keep your head up and begin to bend to right of the waist as much as possible. Then come back slowly to first position and repeat the same with other hand. Do about 20 reps in 2 sets by alternating the weight in both hands.
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 Dumbbell Side Bend

3. Elbow To Knee Crunch

An another excellent exercise to fully train your stomach and helps to get six-pack abs. The best part of this exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere. Higher the repetitions you make, better the results would be. To start the exercise, first lie down on the floor with your back straight and arms at back of your head.

Now move your right knee back while you move your left shoulder front to connect them. Then come back to extending your leg and shoulder back. Then quickly move your other pair that’s left knee to right shoulder and increase the speed of the movement.

Repeat for 20 reps in 2 sets.

Elbow To Knee Crunch

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4. Cable Crunch

If you are in gym, then simple go forward to do this exercise with cable machine. You can effectively train your stomach as you will be using weight from the machine. To start the exercise, first get a rope attachment to the pulley. Then kneel in front of the machine and hold the cable rope.

Place your hands close to face and bend your hips slightly.
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Now by keeping your hips stationery, move your waist down until the elbows comes all the way close to thighs. Then slowly move back up to starting position. Do about 20 reps in 2 sets.

Cable Crunch

5. Leg Pull-In

If you want to get flat stomach and train your lower abs as-well, then this exercise is perfect for you. First lie down on the mat and get your legs extended front. Place your hands near to the sides of the glutes with palms facing to floor.

Now begin to bend your knees and bring your upper thighs all the way back until your knees are at chest level. Hold a second at that position and contract your abs. Slowly get your leg back to starting position and repeat the same for 20 reps in 2 sets.

Leg Pull-In