6 Extreme Gym Workout Routine

So if you want to get ripped seriously or build some muscle mass, it’s important for you to decide what kind of workout you will do on that particular day in Gym. Since there are many workouts to choose from, the first priority should be given to one that will suit your fitness needs.

A workout session that will exercise or target groups of muscles is considered to be the best one. And it’s also important to note what factors plays in contributing to gain muscle mass. Below is the best gym workout routine that can be followed for maximum results.

6 Extreme Gym Workout Routine

The best workout routine must include muscular, cardiovascular, stretching type of exercises .

Tread Mill

The moment you enter gym, jump on thread mill. Run for about 10 mins to warm up. You can even lose lots of fat just by using a treadmill.If you are done with normal speed you can increase the speed for much intensity. Remember not to burn more amounts of calories as you are still about to muscular exercises.

Barbell Chest Press

It’s most common weight training exercise, that you can do to build muscles and strength in upper body. It mainly focuses on pectoral muscles but also works out triceps and shoulders. Before adding more weight to barbell, a proper form should be taken to avoid injuries.

Once you lift the barbell of the rack, come slowly down and let it come down a little over your chest. And then extend the arms fully as you lift up. Do about like 12 reps at beginning.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

It’s is literally one of the best exercises that can build strong upper body and helps you get ” V ” shape. Grab dumbbells in both of the hands and stand up. You must focus on muscle contraction not on lifting heavy weights.Slowly raise the dumbbells up to shoulders level and not more than that.

Once you reach that place, stop the weight for few seconds and them come down.

But let the dumbbell to touch your body, make 12 repetitions in each set.

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Pull Ups

There are a lot of different ways to do pull ups but the most effective one is still the basic. Pull ups can be done by taking two grips, over hand and under hand. Under hand grip works on biceps while over hand will work on forearms and muscles of the back. It’s probably the best exercise for developing strength and muscles in upper body by using body weight. Do 12 repetitions in each set.


Squats are best exercise for lower body. Since squats targets all muscles in thighs & hips, so you would have a great advantage doing this. You can do this exercise by using  dumbbells , barbells or simple by using body weight.

As you hold the weight, contract your abs and bend down slowly only using you hip movement. Come up with the weight as you look forward and chest out. Since it is a hard exercise, start with 12 reps at beginning.


This exercise would target your abdominal muscles. You can do this on floor or a bench. Lie down and bend your knees, take a deep breath. While you arms are a back of your head to support the movement. Using your upper body come up by contracting your abs and then come down slowly. Do about 20 reps in each set.

So you have now down 1 whole round of workout for your entire body. Go for the same circuit 4 times and you will be done your session for that particular day. Incorporate it into daily Workout Routine at Gym to start seeing results.


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