4 Extreme Workouts For Quick Muscle Building

Quick Muscle Building

If you want to quickly build muscles or to have that good-looking athletic body you will need to do some power pack exercises. So if you are having a busy schedule or not enough time for doing all exercises, then simply follow below workout for having the best bang for buck.

This workout will include the 4 best exercises that you can literally design a training program for years. You can have promising results and you will need nothing else to build big, strong muscles as quickly as you can. It might take some time to increase the frequency and limits of each workout but it comes with good results.
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Top 4 Muscle Building Exercises

Dead Lifts


If you seriously want to build muscle fast, dead lifts is the one of the top listed intense exercise. Dead lifts is literally tough and at same time it really stress your back so it’s important to have proper form in-order to protect your back from arching.Keep the barbell really close your shins and grips should be of shoulder’s width. Chest and feet should be of shoulder’s width. Lift the bar up or stand up with the bar and as you come down keep the bar really close to the legs. That would complete 1 rep, do this workout for 10 reps and slowly increase the count.



This exercise is for the upper body. You can actually do this exercise with Dead Lifts on 1 particular day and next two on the other day. Dips develop your chest, shoulders, triceps and there are many ways to do this dip like you have some weights around your waist for much intense version.A lot of people find dips as a hard exercise because their posture is improper. As you are doing dips you don’t have to come up 90 degrees as you are concentrating on chest and then come down. Do about 15 repetitions in each sets.

Front Squats

Front Squats

A front squat is a good exercise and definitely best for athletes. In this exercise the weight is put on your shoulders with arms supporting it. Make sure that your wrist is inclined with your elbow. Take the correct form and go up to the bar and place your hands a little more than shoulder’s width.Lift the barbell of the rack and keep you head up.
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Maintain a neutral spine as you come down slowly. Sit down literally with the weight so that your hips are back and go up slowly. That basically how to do front squats, 12 reps in each set is enough to work your entire body.

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Chin Ups

Chin Ups

There are different variations of pulling your body up to a rigid bar. Pulling yourself up to bar is something that is really basic and yet very fascinating. It’s gonna develop your biceps, upper back and all those muscles that helps do the extension.Place your bar high enough so that your feet don’t touch the ground when you hang. As you hold the bar make sure ha your palms are facing you and grip should be of shoulder’s width. Hang freely with your legs fully extended. Using your back and shoulders pull yourself up until the chin rises above the bar. Slowly lower yourself down until your arms are straight and come up again. Do this about 15 reps in each set.