4 Extreme Workouts For Triceps

4 Extreme Workouts For Triceps

Working on Triceps is challenging and fun than working on Biceps. Since Triceps are essentials for extension of elbow joint, it should be exercised daily to make it more stronger.Formation of triceps is unique, as three muscles of different origin come together to form into a rigid muscle at elbow.

Keeping a clear balance between Biceps and triceps is necessary to have perfect arm and suit athletic posture.

Top 4 workouts exclusively for Triceps

Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press

This is a slight variation of normal Bench Press, this exercise not only involves muscle activation of triceps but it even workouts chest and shoulders. Since in this workout triceps are not effectively targeted, you can use this exercise to warm up triceps for more targeted workouts.

Lie down on the bench and grab a barbell, hold it at a distance of shoulder’s width. Now lower your elbows by holding the barbell against your rib cage. Take a deep breath and start to lift the barbell off the rack, slowly.

And again bring back to initial starting stage.

Repeat this workout for 8-9 reps.

Overhead  Dumbbell Triceps Extension

This workout exercises the back of the upper arm. It’s called Overhead triceps extension because you are bringing it over your head. Flex the triceps on top when you are bringing it down you are stretching it out, give it a good stretch.

Overhead  Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Continue doing this about 8 repetitions about 8 to 10 and  about 3 sets. If your arms are  getting tired you can use the other hand for support and continue to that motion flexing the triceps, stretching it out.

Triceps Dips

You can do this about anywhere you find two handles, if you don’t have the equipment. For beginners, you should use a grid that is no wider than shoulder’s grip and be sure to keep your body vertically upright.

You can do this by placing your legs straight down below, to keep your body more upright and place a better contracting on triceps.

When you bend, lower your body until there’s a parallel balance between your upper arms and the floor. When you push yourselves up, remember to flex them as hard as possible in the top position, repeat this for 6 to 8 times in each set.

Triceps Dips

Breathe-in and breathe out during the workout. And make sure you concentrate only on triceps rather than chest or shoulders.

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Triceps Pushups

There are many variations in Pushups, Triangle Pushups is most effective exercise for building Triceps. Triangle pushups is bit complicated, you need to put your Index Finger and Thumb like a Triangle & keep that same on the floor, position your shoulders that they are above your arms. Now tighten your stomach and put your feet together.

Triceps Pushups

Again push back up, come down slowly and try to push evenly as well.

Repeat this for 12 times in a set of 3.The reason why you should go slow is because, if you feel like you can do a set of pushups as many you can so that you can build stronger triceps.