4 Fast Bodybuilding Workout With No Weights

Bodybuilding Workout With No Weights

One can easily sculpt core muscle groups (abdominals, shoulders, hips and back) without any exercise or gym machine/equipment. Ensure scheduling workouts for a minimum of two times per week for thirty or more minutes, depending on personal endurance levels. For beginners gradually try improving repetition count to thirty or more for activities like push-ups or squats.

4 Fast Bodybuilding Workout With No Weights

According to nonprofit organization ACE (American Council on Exercise), one should perform trio sets of every activity interspersed with a brief breather amid every set. Around 5 minutes must be utilized to stretch the body before commencing the exercise session and taking a break for one day in the week to allow the muscles to relax.

Tip 1

Bulgarian training bag

Several typical household items can be helpful in building your body. What ended up being a Bulgarian training bag that was widely used in the U.S. and Greek-Roman Wrestling teams is basically an inner tube with duct tape placed around the ends and filled with various materials like bird seeds (weight around seven kilograms).It can be used for doing curls or swinging it for working your abdominal muscles. A bucket can be filled with water and used for doing upright rows and curls based on the size and weight of the bucket. Mix them up with some body weight exercises and your body will build right up and add muscle mass.

Tip 2


Push-ups can be done using simple household furniture with feet elevated to about hip height on a stool and hands elevated on push-up stands or boxes. Doing repeated sets of twelve repetitions until one cannot do the entire count any longer.

Now bring feet down to the height of a regular chair and continue doing twelve repetitions till one fails to complete this count.

The feet are now placed to floor level and perform sets of twelve till one is down to doing regular push-ups performing sets of twelve. Try and conclude till one can barely do 5-6 regular push-ups. Overall 100-120 push-ups are performed till the extent that one fails to do so which is precisely the stage where one starts building muscle.

Tip 3

squeezing your abs

Place a coin on the ground and backtrack three steps away from it. Now after placing feet next to each other and arms bracing sides of the body start squeezing your abs. Next, starting stepping forwards to your right side and then to your left side. Repeat these steps till one ends up with one’s right feet close to the coin.The left toes stay at the location where one marched frontward, approximately a step’s distance back from one’s right toes. Now, after bending on your knees, drop the left knee towards the ground as well as lift the heel. One then bends forwards at the midriff for picking up the coin using the left hand.

For the next exercise, begin by standing erect and stepping ahead for 3 further steps. The coin should be placed at its earlier position and 5 repetitions performed by placing either the left or right foot forwards.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Inclined push-ups on a sturdy tree branch can be performed by standing in front of it and placing hands apart at a distance of shoulder width. The branch must be grabbed with palms faced towards the ground and arm as well as wrist areas straightened. After stepping back one then straightens one’s legs till arms form a ninety degree inclination with the chest while the back is kept erect.Now, the breastbone must be lowered to the branch whilst keeping an erect stance. Now, the arms are bent while elbows are pointed in line with the branch for lowering the body. One then pushes oneself away from the branch which constitutes a single inclined push-up. Redo the above steps for five times.