8 Fastest Way To Build Pectoral Muscle

Fastest Way To Build Pectoral Muscle

Pectoral muscles or chest muscles are one of the most highly visible muscle sets in the human body.  Both men and women body building and fitness amateurs face the same dilemma when it comes to building the pectoral muscles or pecs as they are commonly known. 


Even though pectoral muscles are big muscle groups, they need to be worked out in a smart manner rather than chalking out a strenuous workout program which may give initial results but can also make the muscles getting used to the routine and reaching a plateau period of no gains.

How To Build Pectoral Muscle

1. Anatomy Of the Pectoral Muscles

Chest or pectoral muscles as they are known medically are a combination of two muscles sets known as the pectoral major and the pectoral minor respectively.

It is therefore imperative that any chest development program should include exercises that work on the combination of both the muscle sets and not one in isolation to achieve the perfect toned chest region.

Anatomy Of the Pectoral Muscles

2. Tips and Tricks to Build Fast Pectoral Muscles

Now that we know the basic medical anatomy of the pectoral muscles, let us take a look at some of the tips and tricks that can help in achieving good, shapely and strong pecs within a short span of time.

 Tips and Tricks to Build Fast Pectoral Muscles

3. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Funny as it may sound since we are discussing the fastest way to build strong pectoral muscles, going slow is one of the most effective tips to attain the goal. Starting out slow doesn’t mean that you would need to spend months before getting the results but starting slow allows the body to get used to the strains of the workout and more importantly avoid any injury periods. Remember not to overdo the training to achieve faster results unless the body gets settles and used to the workout routine.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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4. Watch That Diet

Pectoral muscles just like any other muscle groups in the body are only half built in the gym with the other half in the kitchen. The whole objective of having a good workout looses its importance if it is not balanced by a good diet program.

Specifically achieve fast results in any pectoral exercise workouts it is advised to go on a high protein diet which essentially acts as a catalyst to build and repair the worn out muscles. Try including a good post workout whey protein drink to achieve fast and effective results

Watch That Diet

5. Spice Up The Workout Routine

Normal is boring they say. The statement also holds true when it comes to building muscles especially the larger muscle groups like the pectoral muscles. Remember to keep varying sets and repetitions after every 10-12 days so that the body does not get used to one specific workout routine which can dent the results.

Also remember to keep spicing up the workout routine and keep shocking the body and the pectoral muscle groups which can aid in faster development of the muscles. Some of the recommended variations to include in your pectoral workout program are listed below:

Spice Up The Workout Routine

Recommended Exercise Variations

6. Use Dumbbells Instead Of Barbells

One of the most effective ways to spice up your pectoral exercise routine is to use dumbbells instead or barbells or keep alternating each week.

The advantage of using dumbbells is that they help in achieving better results as they are able to work on both the inner as well as outer pectoral muscles from different angles.

 Use Dumbbells Instead Of Barbells

7. Use Wide Grip Pull Ups

Most people including body building trainers have been associated pull ups with the lads and the back muscles but modern sports science has stats to prove that wide grip pull ups can be one of the most effective workouts for the pectoral and the chest muscles. Incorporating 3 sets of wide grip pull ups in your pectoral workout would not only spice up the exercise program would also act as a catalyst to achieve faster results.

Use Wide Grip Pull Ups

8. Don’t Ignore The Rest And Sleep

Last but not the least do not ignore the resting period and sleep for effectively muscles gain their size when they get healed in the resting period. Always aim to get a minimum of eight hours of stress free sleep each day.

 Don’t Ignore the Rest and Sleep