6 Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Exercise is the best way of burning fat. There are particular fat burning exercises that will show effects overnight. You need to be determined while doing the exercises.

The other important thing is that you must select particular exercises focused on particular results. Exercises help in gaining weight, losing weight and strengthening of the muscles.

Fat Burning Cardio Exercise

Some Of The Best Fat Burning Cardio Workout 

Running Row

This exercise requires dumbbells of 3-5 pounds. This exercise burns fat from the back, biceps and quad.

Stand straight and hold a dumbbell in your right hand.

Extend your left arm forward and move your right hand with the dumbbell until the rib area. Now bend your right knee in such a way that it meets the chest.

Running Row

Squat Swing

This exercise focuses on back, arms and butt region. In this exercise, you are required to stretch your leg more than the shoulder width.

Hold the ends of the dumbbell in both the hands. Your hands should be in front of the hips. Keep your back flat and swing the dumbbell behind yourself and between the legs.


Squat Swing