Few Dietary Tips For Losing Weight Quickly

There are ways of losing weight quickly and effectively. It is reported that people have tried these methods successfully and could quickly lose their weight. Some of the quick ways of losing weight are explained below.

Diet Tips For Losing Weight

Preparing Your Own Meals

The weight can be successfully and quickly lost when the person eats the food that is prepared at home. The portion of food that is eaten by you can be prepared with comparatively low calories when you prepare your own food at home rather than getting it from the restaurants.

Preparing Your Own Meals

It is good to start with one meal per day that is self-prepared especially breakfast. The breakfast can comprise of oatmeal accompanied by a little salad. This type of breakfast can give low calories and can be nutritious as well. After a week, dinner also can be prepared by you along with breakfast. After another week, with two healthy meals per day you can observe that your weight has reduced a bit already.

Healthy Foods that can be Tried at Home

Reduced Fat Milk

It is low in fat content and is rich source for protein, vitamin B, phosphorus and calcium. Skimmed milk will have less sugars and low saturated fats.

Reduced Fat Cheese

Colby and Cheddar are low fat cheeses which have high amounts of selenium, phosphorus, protein and calcium.

Egg Replacement Products

There are certain egg replacement products which look like eggs and are rich in protein, low in fats and rich in iron content. They will also be rich in selenium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and potassium.


Yogurt prepared from skimmed milk will consist of low fats, lots of protein, vitamin B12, calcium and potassium.


Bananas are low in fats and are rich in fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Oranges are very rich in vitamin C and potassium while they are low in calories. Apples are low in fat and sodium and they are rich in fiber and vitamin C.


Strawberries are also low in saturated fats and calories while they are rich in vitamin C. Blueberries are low in calories, sodium, and fats while they are rich source of vitamin C and potassium. Blueberries can enhance the metabolism. Cantaloupe, guava, watermelon etc. are also nutritious and healthy.

Serving Size

Normally, it is suggested to listen to the body and to know how much has to be taken in and when to stop eating. If the person feels that the stomach is full it is not good to continue eating in order to empty the plate.

Studying about Good Foods and Bad Foods

Healthy Foods

Healthy foods include broccoli, carrots, legumes, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc. They have low fat and high quantities of minerals and vitamins. Sweet potato consists of heavy quantities of vitamin A that is more than sufficient for a person in a day (200grams of sweet potato contains 769 percent of vitamin A).

Tomatoes are good source of fiber and vitamins. Black beans have lot of iron in them and they are low in fats.

Black beans are rich in proteins as well. Raw onions are free from fats and are low in sugars and sodium. Onions are rich in vitamins like C, B6, K, and folate. Avocados have lot of protein, fiber and potassium and low in fats. Collard green is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A and in omega-3fatty acids.

Collard green can help reducing cholesterol. Kale is a fat fighting vegetable and is rich in vitamin A, calcium, fiber, essential nutrients and minerals. Celery is good in burning calories. It is rich in vitamin A and C, fiber and calcium. A cup of cabbage comprises of nearly 54 percent of vitamin C that is essential on average for a man per day.

Cabbage has lots of fiber. Kelp is seaweed that is rich in carotene, calcium, iodine, and chromium. It has the property of cleaning the body, stimulate the thyroid and lose weight. Many more healthy foods do exist that can make up the breakfast, lunch and dinner sections of a person who wants to be healthy.

Worst Foods

Ice cream, Pepperidge Chicken pot pie, Chicken Burrito, Duck Confit, Fondue, Cheese burger, French fries, Foie Gras, Chicken Hash, Lasagne are some of the worst foods. They cannot protect you from achieving slim hip.
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Increase the Fiber Content

Fiber intake helps in healthy loss in weight and it enhances the metabolism as well. Oatmeal can be taken as breakfast every day to increase the fiber content in the diet. Fiber rich diet will help losing weight faster.

Taking Protein Rich Diet

protein rich diet

As the balanced diet is very important to be taken for losing weight fast, it is essential to take protein rich meals for at least two times in a day. Proteins will make the person to feel full and helps in repairing the muscles after heavy workouts.

Eat Less Bread or Avoid Bread

Whole grain bread has fiber while normal white bread does not have fiber in it. Hence, eating whole grain bread or simply avoiding eating bread will help lose weight faster.

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Eating Salads

Eating salads that are loaded with leafy vegetables will make your digestive system to keep on digesting them. They are nutritious and have low calories; lot of energy will be spent to digest them than getting energy from them. Without any dressings, eating salads will help you shed some pounds.

Do not Starve

It is not correct to starve yourself in the name of losing weight. It will take your body to the starvation mode and the body tends to store some fat when you are not taking any food. When you start eating normally then the person will start putting on weight.

Eating more Number of Small Meals a Day

It is suggested by the nutritional experts that eating five small meals in a day is far better than eating three big meals in a day to maintain weight or to lose weight.

Do not Skip Breakfast

If a person wants to lose weight, it is a must to have breakfast with healthy combinations and is not a wise thing to skip breakfast.

Snacks must be Chosen from Healthy Section

The snacks that are taken must be fruits, salads and any low calorie preparations. The schedule of the snacks taken also must be arranged appropriately. It is suggested by experts to have snacks two times in a day apart from three meals.


Three hours after breakfast and before lunch can be one schedule and three hours after lunch would be another time for snacks. The quantity of each meal can be reduced and the body will not crave much for food.

Avoid Junk food

It is important to avoid junk foods that have high calorie content to help you lose weight faster. The above steps are few faster ways of losing weight.