4 Fitness Tips To Be Performed In Home

4 Fitness Tips To Be Performed In Home

The trend of working out in gyms under guidance of gym trainer, joining yoga classes has risen too much till date; but still there are some people who are either not able or not willing for doing so.

Such people have no need to be conscious about their health because they do not need to do any tiring exercises, hard workouts; all they have to do is to take some simple steps every day and be healthy as well as happy.

Top 4 Health and Fitness Tips

Morning Walk, The Miraculous Exercise

Morning Walk

Morning walk steps – these steps will bring you health and energy for the whole day. Start walking in slow speed and gradually accelerate your speed. Don’t mind to transform your fast walking into jogging and even running further but always remember to gradually slow down the speed before stopping the exercise.

This helps your body to come on normal mode easily along with proper timing to calm down. If you don’t like walking too much then go out to buy something like milk, butter, breads, biscuits, vegetables, newspapers in the morning but do go out in the morning.

Stretching, The Way To Flexible Body


Stretching is considered as an efficient and easy exercise. Stand on your toes lifting up your heels, pull arms up and straight, and stretch with very little force.

The second simple yet effective idea to make stretching far useful for you is physical training of stretches.

Stand straight and just put both of your legs in distance of one meter to each other, then stretch both of your arms widely on both sides.

Now take your right arm towards the left leg by bending your waist at relevant direction. Remember not to bend the hand till you try to touch the thumb toe of your leg, stay in same position for ten second and reverse the position. Then, repeat same with left arm and right leg. 10 to 20 sets of this exercise daily helps you shed off excess weight from your arms, waist and abdomen.

Light And Right Diet In Night

The best idea to stay away from improper metabolism and putting on unnecessary weight on the body is to ignore heavy food in night.

Right Diet In Night

Avoid dinner having cheese or butter or other kind of fat product as ingredients. Involve light and fat free meal in dinner such as green and leafy vegetable, low protein and low carb food with fruit or vegetable salad. Also, avoid sweet dishes and dessert recipes in night.
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Four To Five Small Meals In A Day In Regular Interval

It is a golden rule to eat little for four or five times in a whole day. A general habit is to have food three times in a day breakfast in morning, lunch in noon and dinner in night.

We advice to eat little amount of food for about four times in a day, as it improves the digestion and helps your metabolic system to work well throughout the day. Sharing your ideas and experiences about the exercise regime with friends and familhy also offers good results for being fit and happy.
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Small Meals