Foods To Avoid For Sports Performance

Foods To Avoid For Sports Performance

The last thing that you want before any sports performance is a bloated and upset stomach. Choosing the wrong food before any performance can not only lead to indigestion but also result in lack of stamina. Eating right doesn’t mean you prevent all the unhealthy symptoms but you can also prevent your digestive system to work overtime that can make any athlete feel buoyant.

Why Is Diet A Concern?

Diet not only affects you physically but it also has a mental effect, eating right is not only the important thing but one also has to be worried about the quantity. In order to focus completely on the sport you need to know what to eat and what not to eat.

Few things to keep in mind while choosing the food item is the type and the duration. If you have opted for sport that is high endurance then you need to depend largely upon carbohydrates. However, in case of light bearing exercise you can eat a balanced diet with equivalent amount of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.
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Foods To Avoid Before The Performance:

1. Sugary Items:

Food items containing sugar must be avoided like cakes, ice creams, pudding , pastries, biscuits, sweets etc. Eating sugary food items can drop your blood sugar level and lead to fatigue during the performance. It can also cause stomach bloating, flatulence, puffiness, indigestion and even gas. The body uses water to absorb sugar which leads to dehydration hence affecting the performance.
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Sugary Items:

2. Fried Food:

Foods are fried in oil and it takes long to be digested by the body. This leads to drowsiness and lack of concentration.
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Fats takes time to be digested that makes you feel quite heavy on the stomach and can affect your performance.

 Fried Food:

3. Caffeine:

The effects of caffeine can differ from person to person. Few sportsmen find caffeine to be an energy booster while some are not able to concentrate on the game after consuming a drink that contains caffeine. But for those who think tat consuming a big amount before the game can energize you them they must understand this. Caffeine does give a short burst of energy but is it followed by a very sharp decline which is termed as crash. Consuming tea or coffee before the sports performance can result in dehydration, caffeine is quite popular as diuretic that means it affects fluid balance in the body through dehydration or urination.


4. Fatty Food:

Fatty food items especially red meat should be avoided before the big game. Eating it in the form of burger, ham or sausages along with creamy dressing can be even more harmful.

Do not take full cream milk before any sport performance, it takes long to break down and get excreted out of the body.
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However if you still feel to have some then you can opt for bagels, whole wheat bread, yogurt that are high in carbohydrates and full of energy.

 Fatty Food:

5. Fiber Rich Food:

This is a complete no before any sports performance. Fibrous food take time to digest as they are quite difficult to break down. Fibrous food are definitely good for the body but not when you are about to give a performance. Intake of such food item right before the performance can cause muscle cramps affecting the strength of the player. The items that have to be strictly avoided are high fiber fruits and vegetable like apple, apricot, lentils, prunes and beans. High protein and carbohydrate diet is recommended.

Fiber Rich Food:

6. Sugar Alcohols:

Any drink containing artificial sweetener is a big no before a sports performance. Such drinks are too hard to digest and can take a lot of time. As the digestive system does give it a try resulting in loose bowel, gas and a big bloated stomach.

 Sugar Alcohols:

7. Cucumber:

Sounds strange, people do prefer having salad and keeping it light before any game but try avoiding cucumber in it. It contains a chemical called cucurbitacin that you might have come across in the form of bitter taste of the cucumber. This is usually present in cucumbers that are grown in dry and hot season and can cause stomach problems and lot of burping.


8. Fizzy Drinks:

Sugar is an important factor to avoid fizzy drinks but it also cause gastric problems like indigestion and acidity. Sugar can lead to increase in insulin level but it is also followed by a sudden drop that is not good for a sportsman.

Your diet plan before any sports performance must have protein and carbohydrates that can relax your digestive system rather than putting it on a strenuous routine of breaking hard compounds. In order to perform well and for longer duration you need lean protein supplies and abundance of complex carbohydrates.

Fizzy Drinks: