4 Most Common Sports Injuries

4 Most Common Sports Injuries

Injuries are the most common and unavoidable problems for every sports person. Athletes and people, who do workout in gym, somewhere somehow, get affected with such injury issues.

Unfortunate thing about these problems is you never know when it is going to happen with you. In this case, you have to be preventive for injuries. Mentally and physically, you have to be prepared for your actives, as this is the basic idea about the precautions taken against injuries.

Professional sports persons have their physiotherapist with them, who help them in preventing common sports injuries and by chance, if any of those take place, they treat it skillfully. However, for non-professional and newbie athletes, it’s very important to be careful about these issues. Here are some common sports injuries that can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Most Common Injuries And Treatment Of Sports

Muscle Pull Or Muscle Tear

Muscle Pull

It is the stage, where our specific muscles undergo sudden and severe force that extend the fibbers beyond capacity. In this injury, we should apply ice immediately on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. After that you should rest, until the inflation and pain is gone.

Shoulder impingement

Swimmers and players, who use their shoulders for throwing and hitting while play, suffer from this problem most. Due to this injury you tendons became inflamed and sore.

Shoulder impingement

Pain relief Balm or any other anti-inflammatory agent must apply on shoulders with slight massage, for immediate healing. Be careful about this injury, as it may be crucial in future, so have proper treatment from doctor through physical therapies and medication.

Lower back strain: it usually occurs to athletes, tennis players and golfers, due to unilateral motions & twisting of lumbar spine. Deep finger massage and some stretching of back muscles are some of its immediate treatments.

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Tennis Elbow Injury

this is another most common injury for tennis players, cricketers, golfers etc. while swinging their arms for hitting the ball, their forearm muscles and tendons get stretched. Precautions are more effective than medication for this injury.

Tennis Elbow Injury

Forearm band should be used and you should practice the techniques of hitting the ball without affecting the tennis elbow. Injection of Cortisone is used for immediate relief from such injury.

Two Main Ways To Be Preventive From Sports Injuries

Proper Gearing, The Basic Precaution

Proper gearing before any sports activity is very important. You must use all the safety gears required for your sports activity.

Proper Gearing, The Basic Precaution

Shoes, pads, gloves, wrist bands, helmet and comfortable clothing are the things that play key role in your safety from injuries. Second most important thing is the rules of that sport. They are made for some reasons, and one of those reasons is the safety of players.

Warming Up And Rest

Warm-up before any sports activity is also a must thing to do. Stretching and some running are good for warming up, as it assists your body to function freely by loosing up your muscles. This will prevent you from injuries like muscle pull. Manage the duration of your sports activities, and don’t push your limits for higher extent. Rest is necessary, so be precise about the timing and duration of rest between your sports activates.

Warming Up And Rest