4 Great Bicep Exercises

Bicep Exercises

Fitness freaks and body conscious people are always concerned about their bicep. In fact most of the men join gym just to have a well shaped and attractive bicep which will look like a soft ball over the shirt. Unlike other body parts you always want your bicep to bulge out and to be high up. People who started having such attractive and bulging bicep cannot help themselves to measure it every day.

There are lots of workouts suggested by the fitness experts.
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But before following those exercises keep in mind your needs and limitations. If you are a beginner never try heavy weight or very hard exercise at first. It is always preferred to start with light weights. Now if you are upset because of your small and slender bicep and dying to have a macho one simply follow the following process and make your wish come true. The list of the exercises is lined up below.

4 Best Bicep Exercises

Hanover Barbell Curl

Hanover Barbell Curl

It is a well known exercise for building bicep. You need to follow a few steps properly to get the best result. To do this workout first you need to go down on your knees on an apt bench. Keep your chest leaning against the back rest and hang your arms over the further side.Keep in mind that your arms should be placed at 90 degree angle with respect to your chest and all the time. After that hold a barbell slightly less than the shoulder girth apart. Then coil the bar for at least eight to ten times. This will help to develop your bicep.

Inclined Dumbbell Curls

Inclined Dumbbell Curls

In this process first you need to sit on an inclined bench having dumbbells in your hand. Keep your hands hanging down by your sides. Then simply curl it. Following this workout eight to ten times regularly will give your bicep a very attractive and broader.
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Other than this you can also tag on some other curl exercises like regular curl in which you need to keep your palms up faced, supinating curl and hammer curl in which your palm is face to your body all the time.

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Reverse Grip Curl with the help of Cable or Bar

Reverse Grip Curl

To follow this exercise first get a barbell or a machine which is straightway attached to a cable.Let your palms stay facing downward and your hands a slight less than the shoulder width apart. Repeat the process eight to ten times and get the best result.

Standing Barbell Curl

Standing Barbell Curl

This exercise not only works on the biceps but also on the forearm. Having your shoulder width apart stand straight and hold a barbell in your underhand clench. Keep in mind that your elbow should always be placed in front of your torso every time. Now get the help of your bicep strength to curl the barbell.Follow this process eight to twelve times and get a well shaped bicep. All these exercises give a very good result but if and only if followed in the proper way. A little carelessness or wrong procedure may lead to severe body trouble. Therefore it is better to do these under experts’ observation.
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