6 Healthy Bulking Foods For Hardgainers

Healthy Bulking Foods For Hardgainers

After trying various bodybuilding diets, it may seem that you are not gaining any weight. When there is no movement in scale, you stick to the same rule – ‘eat more’. But, what should you eat more? Should you include junk foods, ice cream and cheese chips, or, tuna, rice and chicken breast in your diet?

All you have to do is simply visit the nearby grocery store and get the healthy foods for yourself.
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You also do not have to keep your stomach bloated throughout the day.

The best way to add some healthy calories to your blood is to find the calorie rich foods and it is not an impossible task, for which you would have to search the darkest corners of the food store.

6 Bulking Up Diets For Hardgainers:

1. Almonds:

Observe closely the label at the back of a jar containing almonds. One ounce of almonds contains 162 calories and a cup of almonds has around 822 calories altogether.
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 Just feel the difference between quality and quantity. You can simply add 1000 calories to your diet by consuming a cup of almonds without even bloating your stomach. Apart from the enormous amount of healthy calories, one cup of almonds also comprises of 30 g protein, calcium and iron.


2. Whole Milk:

Whole milk is considered as a staple food for the bodybuilders over 50 years. This diet item is so popular that most of the training routines of hard-gainers are made based upon its consumption.
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It is not something common that you will get it stocked in your refrigerator with other food products and because of its fat content you cannot even recommend this diet to a person above 30.

One cup of this healthy weight gainer has 8 g of protein, 150 additional calories and vitamins.

Whole Milk

3. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is not just a tasty snack satisfying your sweet tooth, but it is also a calorie-dense, bulking food for a hard-gainer. 153 calories and irons embedded in one ounce of dark chocolate is definitely a better alternative to vending machine candies and snack bars. Just 4 ounces of dark chocolate in your meals and you are adding around 600 calories each day.

Dark Chocolate

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Meal Plan:-

4. Breakfast (745 calories and 37 g protein):

Your breakfast at 7am must contain one cup of oatmeal with one ounce of peanut butter, 3 scrambled eggs with one ounce of pepper jack cheese and one banana.

Morning Snack (563 calories and 37 g protein)

At 9:30am, consume 2 cups of whole milk with 1 scoop of pure whey protein isolate and 1 ounce of almonds.


5. Lunch (541 calories 57 g protein):

At noon, eat 1 cup of quinoa with salsa, 8 ounces of chunk chicken breast and 1 cup of cooked broccoli.

Afternoon Snack (563 calories and 46 g protein)

At around 2:30pm, enjoy your snack with 1 ounce of almonds and 2 cups of whole milk with whey protein isolate.


6. Dinner (1000 calories and 40 g protein):

Apart from the calories and protein, consume complex carbohydrates and vegetables at 5:30pm.

Evening Snack (557 calories and 34 g protein)

To complete your diet for the day, eat 2 ounces of dark chocolate and drink 1 cup of whole milk with whey protein isolate at 8pm.