Muscle cramps are a problem which most athletes, sports people and body builders face from time to time. Muscle cramps can prevent you from doing your normal exercises, take part in the sports you are best at and make you stay away from the hobby which you love most.

The methods used to treat muscle cramps can prove to be time-taking. This is why it is always better to prevent such cramps from occurring, so that you do not have to worry about treating them later on. Try these 8 ways to prevent muscle cramps and continue doing what you love most.

8 Best Ways To Prevent Muscle Cramps

Do Not Get Dehydrated

Dehydration is your biggest enemy as a dehydrated muscle can easily give way to cramps. Dehydration can also affect your performance and make you feel fatigued.

Studies reveal that almost half the athletes and bodybuilders experience muscle cramps due to dehydration. It is very important for a bodybuilder and athlete to drink lots of water during the day and especially during workout to prevent muscle cramps from occurring.


Another way to prevent muscle cramps is by not allowing the body to overheat at any point of time. When your body is very active and reaches high temperatures, you should keep yourself well hydrated so that the body does not overheat. Also, when exercising, if you feel the need to get some rest, do so without fail or you may tire your body and overheat it which may further lead to muscle cramps.

Increase Sodium And Potassium Intake

In order to retain the consumed water in the muscle tissues, your body must have a good amount of sodium and potassium. Being deficient in sodium can prevent your body from retaining water and may increase the risk of cramps.

No amount of water that you consume will be able to prevent you from getting dehydrated if sufficient sodium is not present in the body.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Many people experience cramps if their body does not receive the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Taking vitamin supplements will prevent the body from getting deficient in vitamins and keep muscle cramps at bay. Take vitamin supplements for Vitamin E, D and B along with mineral supplements of magnesium and zinc for best results.

Jumping Exercises

Jumping exercises prevent our nerves from tiring. Tired and fatigued nerves make way for muscle cramps. Do these jumping exercises once every 3 or 4 days to prevent muscle cramps from occurring.

Warm Up & Cool Down

It is true that exercising regularly is very important for bodybuilders and athletes, but so is warming up your muscles, joints and body parts and cooling them down before and after your exercise. This will help prevent cramps from occurring to a large extent.

Be Flexible

A flexible body is less likely to face muscle cramps as compared to one which is rigid and stiff. Make sure that you stretch each and every day without fail, as this will really prove helpful in preventing muscle cramps from occurring and prevent any other type of muscle pain from taking place.

Riding A Stationary Bike

When you go to sleep at night, ride a stationary cycle for 5 to 8 minutes. This will prevent cramps from occurring during the night and maintain proper flow of blood in your body.


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