How Eating Fat Burns Fat

5 Eat Fat To Burn Fat

Research has recently revealed that eating fat may actually help you to become slimmer and burn fat. While this may seem counter intuitive, the truth is that eating fat to burn fat is a very viable proposition for inducing weight loss.  Fat has been long regarded in a very negative way and several diets aim to cut fat off completely from the meal plan in the hopes of leading to weight loss.

However, fat is the key to becoming fit. Fat is an essential part of the diet to ensure that organs are protected and there is energy to perform daily activities. Apart from this, ingestion of fat also helps to burn fat.

5 Eat Fat To Burn Fat

Eating Fat Helps In Burning Calories Faster

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The body needs fat. It is an essential nutrient to help in burning calories. A low fat diet means you lack the fuel to burn calories.  For the metabolic rate to be optimal, the body needs to consume fat.  Research has shown that consumption of fatty acids actually leads to an increase in the metabolic rate.

By activating what are fat burning pathways in liver, dietary fat helps to burn more fat.  Fat stored in the peripheral tissues of the body cannot be burnt without ingestion of more fat.

Eating Fat Induces Satiation

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Fat is one of the difficult nutrients to digest and therefore, it takes a long time to metabolize. This in turn helps to keep the stomach full and prevents the person consuming the fat from eating between meals or snacking a lot. This in turn prevents a calorie overload and helps keep a person trim and healthy.

Dieters who stick to consumption of moderate amounts of fat are more likely to adhere to their diet plan and the consequent result of this is weight loss. Therefore, eating fat induces a sense of fullness in the stomach compared to a low fat diet.

This indirectly prevents over consumption of calories and actually leads to an ideal body weight.

Fat Curbs Food Cravings

Eating moderate amounts of fat curbs food cravings and ensures that the person is less likely to go on an eating binge. Studies show that the fat in any food is actually tasted and a low fat diet is less likely to prevent food cravings as a result of this.

Fat Curbs Food Cravings

Eating certain kinds of fat increases the serotonin level and prevents a person from feeling the need to overeat calories in between meals.  Therefore, fat is an essential part of the diet as it can ensure that a person does not overindulge while eating.

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Fat Helps Build Muscles

Along with an effective and efficient exercise plan, eating fat can help build muscles and this can then lead to a better chance at burning calories. This is because increasing muscle mass leads to an increase in metabolic activity and also leads to the burning of more calories.

Fat Helps Build Muscles

Therefore, consumption of fat can lead to muscle growth which in turn can lead to efficient burning of more fat in the body.  Fat increases muscular cells and protein concentration in the body which leads to the burning of more calories.

Fat Is An Essential Nutrient

Fat is a vital nutrient for the body because several vitamins such as vitamins D and E are fat soluble. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it also helps to regulate the body’s metabolism. Vitamin D influences body’s ability to reduce abdominal fat and burn fat.

Therefore, without consumption of fat, these essential vitamins would not be absorbed by the body and this could lead to inability to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore , it is vital to consume fat as this is an essential nutrient for burning fat.

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