How Oblique Exercises Help Build Six Pack Abs

Body fitness and six packs abs are the major concerns of modern people. In order to get the desired six packs abs, oblique ab workout is the only way out because it contributes in shaping up the abdomen, strengthening the muscles and bringing flexibility in the body’s twists and turns.

Here Are Ways How Oblique Exercises Help Build Six Pack Abs:

1. Enhance Movement Along The Waist

Oblique muscles help to move your body along the waist. Oblique ab workout is thus essential for flexible twists and turns of the waist, more so if you are an athlete. Oblique muscles can be categorized into internal and external oblique. The exterior muscles that are seen as side abs are the external oblique muscles.

The internal oblique muscles ae placed below the external ones. Together with the external oblique muscles, the internals ones aid the trunk movement. Oblique ab workout helps in shedding excess body fat and tones down the abs.

Enhance Movement Along The Waist

2. Provide Strength For Six Pack Abs

Let alone strengthening of abs, Oblique ab workout deserves the credit of providing core stability. Along with aiding the breathing procedures of inhale and exhale, abs control the functionalities and protect the internal body organs too. All the movements that we make have their origin at the core.

Provide Strength For Six Pack Abs

3. Enhances Spine Support

Oblique ab workout, be it forward, backward, rotational or twist provides strength to spine in all directions. If you are truly keen to get rid of you ‘love handles’, i.e the oblique muscles at the side of your stomach, as they are also called, start off with some basic Oblique ab workouts and gradually move to the more difficult ones. Always remember that you should never hurry with your movements while you engage in any oblique ab workout. Breathing should be normal and relaxed. Certain basic types of oblique ab workout can make you reach your targeted goal of six packs abs.

Enhances Spine Support

4. Work On Both Internal And External Muscle Groups

Oblique Floor crunches or twist crunches are remarkable in working your internal as well as external oblique. Side bending motions, twist crunches and rotational exercises can make your oblique work to the maximum. Working with your oblique helps in increasing the core stabilization. In order to do oblique crunch, you need to lie on the floor with your knees bent and foot on the floor.

Place your hands beside your body in such a manner that you make use of your oblique muscles while you lift your body.

Next, you need to raise your left arm bringing your left shoulder way up the ground and then twist slowly and slightly to reach your right knees. Then you retreat to the starting position and repeat the same with the other side. There are other variations to oblique crunch.

5. Provides Flexibility

While we all require body fitness, oblique ab workout is a must for athletes. They require twisting, turning, jumping and throwing randomly and hence should practice oblique ab workout on a regular basis. An oblique ab workout is common for both male and female population. High level of energy and stamina are the pre-requisites for these workouts.

provides flexibility

6. Shed Fat

The first rule of thumb for getting six pack abs is to do lose fat. And that is where the oblique muscles and exercises come in. They are able to help you shed fat from your abdominal area, which is imperative for toning the abs. Although you can always shed fatty foods from your diet chart, oblique ab workout is still important to achieve and maintain your six packs abs.

shed fat