How To Body Build With Protein

Build With Protein

Body building and protein has a direct relationship as protein is considered to be the building blocks for muscles and that is one of the most essential aspects of body building. Therefore, bodybuilders require significant portions of protein in their diet along with other essential nutrients.

Protein comes from various kinds of meat, fish, soy products, beans, milk and also from nuts and grains in small quantities. Protein and carbohydrates are most essential for muscle growth and repair. However, there are stipulated percentages of nutrients set by dieticians for various groups of people and bodybuilders shouldn’t exceed more than double the percentage set for non-bodybuilders with regard to protein intake.

Importance of Protein for Body Building

Body building is a form of aerobics which require lot of workouts, training, exertions and an all round host of physical activities. While proper nutrition and post workout diet are most essential protein is the nutrient that occupies the most important place.
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Protein has amino acids which can build muscle tissues and also repair broken and torn tissues.

Care must be taken, however, to limit protein intake to the required levels stipulated for body building or by your personal dietician. Excessive protein intake may not harm you actually but may pose severe threats for individuals with diabetes and kidney disease.Protein consumption requirement for body building can be determined through three ways namely by body weight, by macronutrient percentage and daily intake. By body weight protein consumption should be around 2 grams per kilogram weight of your body for a single day. Protein intake according to macronutrient percentage means that you must consider that the protein percentage is purely maintained.

The 2 grams helping of protein per kilogram weight of your body should be purely consisting of protein and not the food from which the protein is supplied. For daily intake protein intake has to be little higher therefore making it mandatory to take expert guidance to build the right kind of diet chart.

Protein Diet Tips for Body Building

Eggs, Milk And Dairy Products

Eggs, Milk And Dairy Products

Eggs are indispensible for body builders as you receive almost all nutrition requirements like protein, vitamins and acids. Eggs become a complete pack for bodybuilders as it serves with eight amino acids most essential for bodybuilding.

Milk is another such whole food that can be taken along with protein shakes or just as skimmed milk. Consider low fat dairy products for body building.

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

It goes without saying that protein shakes steeped in macronutrients are most convenient for body builders as a source of easy and quick post workout diet.Protein shakes are easily digested and serve effective for muscle growth.

Whey, Casein And Fat Free Cottage Cheese

fat free Cottage Cheese

When cheese is produced whey comes out as a byproduct as it separates from casein in curds. Both casein and whey provide essential protein for body building which are present in fat free cottage cheese.

Canned Tuna And Turkey Breasts

Canned Tuna

Tuna is an excellent protein choice for body builders. Along with being a good source of protein tuna also contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Various benefits of tuna for bodybuilders are muscle growth, muscle repair, metabolism boost and also strengthened immune power. Turkey breast is a white meat that gives high amount of protein without much fat.