How To Build A Big Upper Body

5 Exercises To Build A Big Upper Body

The upper body is made up of different muscles, in-order to build a big upper body it’s important to perform those exercises that target all the muscle groups in the upper body. By building a big upper body, not only your body posture will improve but also the ability to lift weights.

To build the tampered V shape shoulders and back muscle, you must have to concentrate mainly on training with weights. In-addition to training, by following a good 7 day diet plan and even by taking supplements, you can make significant progress in achieving your goal.

5 Compound Exercises To Build A Big Upper Body

Bench Press

Bench Press

Bench press mainly targets the chest muscles along with shoulders and triceps. To begin this exercise, first lie back on the flat bench. Using a shoulder width grip lift the bar from the rack and hold it in the air in front of you.
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This marks your starting position.

Now slowly lower the weight down until the bar touches your upper chest. At that moment, lock your arms and squeeze your chest muscles. Then raise the barbell all the way up, until your arms are finally extended.
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Repeat for about 20 reps in each set.

Military Press

Military press is an effective exercise for building shoulder muscles. First place the barbell on the rack at suitable height.
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Then grab the barbell using a grip wider than shoulder width and palms of your hands must be facing forward.

Military Press

Place the barbell on the collarbone for support and lift the barbell upwards over your head. Slowly lower the barbell down to the collarbone and then use all your strength to lift it back to the first place. Repeat for about 15 reps in each set.

Pull Ups

Pull Ups are one of the best body-weight exercises to build the lats and middle back muscles. First stand in front of the pull-up bar and grab it using a wide grip with palms of your hands facing forward. Then bring your torso little back to create a curvature on your lower back.

pull ups

Now begin to pull your torso up until the upper chest touches the pull-up bar. Hold for a second and squeeze your back muscles. Then slowly lower yourself down until your arms get fully extended. Repeat for about 25 reps in each set, gradually increase the count.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

When you are building a big upper body, if you miss out biceps then it’s a total waste. Dumbbell bicep curl is a good exercise to build biceps. To start the exercise, first stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the weight at arm’s length close to the torso and palms should be facing forward.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Now begin to curl the weight up slowly, until the dumbbells are at shoulder level. At that moment, squeeze your biceps fully and slowly lower them down. Repeat for about 30 reps in each set.

Important Tips To Improve Your Workout Results

Use compound exercises as they bring the results faster. Never target one particular muscle group during that whole day in your workout. Increase the weights, so that you don’t have to do more repetitions. But be careful, if you are a beginner then take the help of your trainer.

Maintain consistency in your workout, never skip your workout session but remember to rest properly so that muscles can recover. Train your upper body 3 times in a week and take proper care of your diet. Proteins rich foods adds up good muscle growth, so make sure that your meal is full of proteins.

rich foods

Right after your workout, have a protein drink or whey shake to get more proteins. Equally important is staying hydrated, so drink more water if you really want to build muscle.
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