How To Build Arm Muscle

How To Build Arm Muscle

Though the arm muscles develop and get pumped up easily as compared to other muscles in the body, but they are also the hardest area to tone. It is really quite surprising to see the fats sneaking under the skin of your arms even though you use them all the time.

If simple cardio exercises can decrease the body fat then a whole day of continuous free hand movement are bound to remove the extra fats from your arms.

However, you need something more.

Time and persistence are definitely the keys to building impressive arm muscles, but you must follow few simple steps to achieve the perfection.

Secrets To Build Arm Muscle

1. Targets


You should always target both the biceps and the triceps if you planning to build big guns. When you are flexing your muscles it is always the upper arms that draw the attention of the onlookers. In your gym, focus on the exercises and machines that works upon these 2 muscles. If you are performing your upper arm exercises properly, there is no need to perform separate exercises for your forearms.

2. Gym Membership

A gym membership is necessary to move beyond a certain level. Though there are many home exercises and techniques, but heavy duty weight training is only possible in gyms. Apart from the resistance based professional machines, you will also have access to free weights like barbells and dumbbells.

Gym Membership

Few of the common free weight exercises for arms include concentration curls, standing dumbbell and barbell curls, preacher curls and incline dumbbell curls. In almost every gym you will get instructions posted alongside the instruments, but if you feel unsure, you should consult your trainer.

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3. Push Ups And Push Downs

Push ups and push downs are the free hand exercises that use your body weight as resistance. The positioning in case of push down is same as that of push up, but the movement is opposite. You need to lower your body until the upper parts of your arms are parallel to the floor. Hold your body in that position for few seconds then return to the starting position with fully stretched arms.

Push Ups

4. Toning Triceps

Triceps are the most crucial part of your arms. It is this muscle group that makes your arms look bulkier when pumped up. Target your triceps with back dips. All you need is a chair or a bench to perform this exercise.

Try to hold on the edge of the bench from behind with your palms facing away from your hips. You do not need to sit on the bench. Just hold the bench for support and slowly move down your body and lift back on the bench using only your arms.

Toning Triceps

5. Free Weights

If you have access to free weights at home, you can easily perform bicep curls. Free weights like five, ten or fifteen pounds are enough to work upon your biceps. All you have to do is firmly grip the weights and move then towards your chest by curling your arm. You need to maintain a straight posture while performing this exercise.

Free Weights