How To Build Arm Speed


How To Build Arm Speed

Velocity of your arm is definitely a crucial factor when it comes to throwing a baseball at a very high speed. Whether the person is a pitcher or a position player, everyone in this game strive to throw the ball hard.

However, with proper training you can achieve the required speed of your arm to add to the velocity of the throw.

Though increasing the strength of your arm is certainly a solution to increasing arm speed, but the weight rooms or the weight plates are not the desired equipments. Building arm speed includes enhanced durability and velocity and can be achieved only through proper exercises and mechanics.

How to Build up Arm Speed

1. Stretching


Proper stretching helps in loosening and relaxing the muscles and it is extremely important especially when you are preparing your arm to throw the baseball.A stretched and relaxed arm muscle is not only less vulnerable to injuries but also helps you to throw the ball harder. The common stretching exercises include stretches with resistance bands, surgical tubing and arm circles.

2. Long Toss

Long Toss

Tossing balls over a long distance helps in gaining velocity. It is definitely a great idea to gain speed on your fastball by playing catch your partner over a long distance without stressing your arms. The ultimate goal is to increase the strength and flexibility of your arms by loosening the muscles and it can be achieved over several weeks or even a couple of months.Keep on increasing the distance as long as you are comfortable with the throws. After one month of long distance tossing you will definitely feel the stretched muscles in your arm, stronger than before.

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3. Focus


Instead of completely focusing on the distance, concentrate on the proper mechanics related to the long tosses. Some tosses will be obviously better than the others and it should be your aim to learn the motion that led to such throws.Employing the same motion every time you throw will increase its perfection. In this process, if you come across any doubts regarding your mechanics then you should consult your coach or an expert.

4. Weighted Ball

Weighted Ball

Use a weighted ball for practise and make sure that your partner is at least forty five to fifty feet away from you before you start tossing. The weight of the ball will depend upon the age of the player and his strength to endure the stress of long tossing.This exercise can be performed at every alternating day with a break day in between. Fifteen throws with the heavier ball is a safer way to start your exercise.

Allow 10 throws with the normal baseball after the 15 throws. Complete your session with 10 weighted ball throws and 10 regular ball throws.

5. Supporting Muscles

Supporting Muscles

The core and the leg muscles are also associated with the development of arm speed. It is the whole body effort that builds up a high velocity throw and not just a stronger arm. Using the back leg as a support the pitchers use their core and hips to produce the torque.

Enhancing the strength in these associated areas decreases the stress upon the arm.