5 Tips To Build Big Biceps

5 Tips To Build Big Biceps

What is the most attractive part of a chiseled male body? Some people say it is the chest, abs or shoulders. However, it is noticed that people making a lot of effort to build up arm-muscles, particularly biceps.

This proves that it really matters to build big biceps to make your body look highly attractive.In fact, when you think about bodybuilding, getting big bicep is the first thing that comes in your mind. When you are asked to flex muscle, most of the times it means to show your biceps.

How To Build Big Biceps

Structure Of Biceps

Biceps include one short head and one long head, Short head is the outer bicep, while long head is the inner one.If you want to know how to build big biceps, then maximum workout should be focused on these two heads.

Here Are Some Exercise Tips That Focuses On These Two Heads To Build Big Biceps.

1. Dumbbell Curl

The most common way to build big biceps is doing dumbbell curl. Often people start lifting dumbbells and doing curls hoping they will gain big biceps. However, it is not just doing dumbbell curl, but doing it correctly.

Straight down from shoulders, hang the dumbbell at arm’s length. Bend elbows slowly and curl to get closer to the shoulder without moving the upper arm. Try to get as close as possible to the shoulder while doing curls and pause for a while. Then, bring the dumbbell down slowly to the initial position.

 Dumbbell Curl

2. Weight and Reps

Do the reps of dumbbell curl a bit more than other exercises. If you start with doing eight reps with a certain weight, then stick with it until you get twelve to fifteen reps. Don’t keep on changing weight frequently, rather give time to maximize reps with same weight consistently.When you can comfortably perform maximum reps with same weight for around six to eight weeks then increase on the weight. This continuous process of weight and reps will help you to gain big biceps.

Weight and Reps

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3. Squeeze and Contract

Make sure that you squeeze and contract the biceps hard during the complete motion range without releasing the tension.It is not just lifting the weight that will help you to gain big biceps, you have to focus on the bicep muscle and direct entire tension only to that portion. When your biceps are totally pumped-up, stretch them completely for one to two minutes.

4. Different Sets Of Doing Curls

You can try three types of curls, each of three sets. Go for alternate dumbbell curls for the first three sets followed by straight bar curls for the next three steps. For the last three sets, perform incline dumbbell curls and the impact of these exercises will do wonders to bring out big biceps.

Remember, you can build and retain big biceps only when you have a strong body. Thus, you cannot lose focus about exercising other body parts and also you need to eat right food and get adequate rest.Body looks good only when it is in right proportion and you should make sure that your big biceps complement your entire physique.