How To Build Chest Muscles

Chest Muscles

Chest MusclesTraining chest muscles efficiently for their maximum growth can be a challenging task. Slightest mistake or wrong diet will slow down your muscle buildup and you may feel that in spite of the hard work you are actually gaining nothing.

Building chest muscles involves patience, right diet and avoiding some mistakes which can hamper your efforts. So, here are some quick and easy tips.

Exercises To Build Chest Muscles

Bench Presses

Bench Press

This exercise helps you in stressing your body with the help of heavy weight. You will have to bench your body weight for 5×5.

Dumbbell Press

You can increase your chest growth amazingly by easily stretching the pecs way downwards. However, you cannot use so much weight as you can do with barbells.

Push Ups

Push Ups

This is a closed chain exercise. However, this exercise is not going to help you in gaining chest muscles if you are doing it without any kind of resistance.
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You can do these push-ups just against a resistance band.
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Weighted Dips

Try weighted dips everyday – it will show results. In case this seems difficult you can try out dips between parallel bars. You will need to wear a belt with the right weight during this process. Now, while training you need to be careful so that you do not make some mistakes which will waste all your efforts in chest building. So, here are some tips.


Lift exercises are perfect for your chest muscles but you have to be fast. When you are lifting at a faster rate, you are involving more muscle fibers which helps in chest growth.
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You have to lift at your fastest best but when you are weighing down you need to be slow and under control. It does need practice.

Heavy Compounds

Try free weight compounds more. Squatting and deadlift is highly recommended since this helps in increasing the release of muscle building hormones and also growth hormones.. Overhead press and bench press are one of the best and quickest ways of building bulk and strength. You need to do these more often and that too heavy.

More Tips For Chest Building

Never Isolate

You should never isolate your chest when exercising. The chest has 2 main heads but this is a single muscle which contracts as one or as a whole.
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You will not be able to isolate your upper chest or your lower chest separately. So, do not waste time in doing so.
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However, you can emphasize on them.

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Eating Less

You will never be able to build chest muscles untill you are eating more. If you eat like a pigeon then you are far from your goal.

Right calories

Eat the right calories so that your chest is able to get its much needed nutrients to grow and stay strong.


You have to rest your muscles adequately. They grow best when they receive enough of rest after you train them well.
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So, if you are continuously training you will need to rest them.

Proper Rest

Follow the above exercises and tips and you will be able to grow your chest muscles quickly and make them stronger.