How To Build Cycling Endurance

Build Cycling Endurance
Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that makes sure that every muscle of your body gets some exercise. Cycling may be of many types. While some bikers may prefer the safe confines of the gym, there are those who love the adventures of biking on a mountain trail. On the other hand, there are those bikers as well, who like riding on the safety of roads.

Those who have the passion for cycling, do not feel the tax upon their energy.
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This is an exercise that you need to love in order to build endurance in. Cycling everyday has innumerable health benefits. It increases cardiovascular fitness to new heights and makes sure that the chances of the rider getting any coronary heart disease are minimized.

Cycling mainly concentrates on the lower half of your body and ensures maximum fitness. Cycling as an exercise also makes sure that those with joint pains and other pain find relief from the pain and stiffness through this exercise.

Cycling also helps trim and shape your waistline to a great extent. Funnily enough, cycling helps in increasing hand, leg and eye coordination to a great extent as well. For all those klutzes, cycling will help you to maintain balance and coordination a lot. For building cycling endurance, the following tips may help.

5 Tips For Building Cycling Endurance

Ride, Ride, Ride And Ride

Ride, Ride, Ride And Ride

The one and only main tip to increase your cycling endurance is cycling and cycling only. Only if you continue riding your bicycle constantly, for the same number of days and for the same number hours, your endurance will build up gradually.Variations in the frequency, the time period for which you are riding your cycle as well as your speed of pedaling, will, however, affect your endurance quite significantly.

Increase The Distance You Are Covering Each Eession

Increase The Distance You Are Covering Each Eession

Suppose you ride your bike for two miles each day. Now, if you want to increase your endurance for cycling, you can increase this distance to, say, four miles.However, this will not be possible the first day you decide to increase; neither the second day and nor the third day. This is the endurance you have to build up for cycling farther each session.

Increase Your Intensity Of Cycling

Increase Your Intensity Of Cycling

Intensity of cycling will not only include the speed at which you are pedaling, but also the slope, number of breaks and the size of the sprocket. In order to increase your endurance, increase your speed of pedaling. Add a slant and ride uphill. Lessen the number of breaks you are taking and add bigger sprockets. These will ensure maximum exercise.

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Change Your Food Habits Towards The Healthier Side

drinking water

You must make it a habit to have healthy foods and drink up a lot of water. Add more green leaves and vegetable to your diet.

Add more fruits as well. Reduce the amount fats, oils and junk foods.
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Also, opt for lean meat instead of mutton, beef or pork.

Fish is also beneficial for health.

Avoid Drugs

Avoid Drugs

Avoid strictly the use of any kind of drugs, nicotine as well as alcohol. These reduce the stamina and consequently the endurance of a person.
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