3 Exercise To Build Hip Muscles

 Exercise To Build Hip Muscles

Hip is the single most important part of our body that helps us in keeping balance. Hence, the importance of hip muscle becomes all the more important in the anatomy of human body. The stronger the hip muscles the more balanced you are.


The hip muscles could be classified into two regional portions. The inner portion helps in providing stability and the outer helps you in achieving movements of the hip.

With stronger hip muscles one can achieve high level of athleticism and will also be able to prevent injuries. So let us look into the routine that needs to be followed for developing stronger hip muscles.

Building Stronger Hip Muscles

1. Training

Just like any other muscle group, the hip muscles too need to be trained with weights for developing strength. But for training hip muscles it is also important to keep in mind that the form of the exercises performed is the most important aspect of your training routine. Other than weight training freehand exercises like side raises and free squats are helpful along with activities like swimming and cycling.

They help in strengthening the hip muscles and also enhance their endurance level thus making them less prone to injuries. Deadlift is a good exercise for your hips. Get a kettle bell or a barbell and place it in front of your toes. Set your legs apart and bend slightly at the knees. Then arch your back in front and keeping your head straight pull the weight up while exhaling.

Bring your torso up until you are upright and then bring the weight down slowly while inhaling. Do 3 to 4 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Remember to keep your form right at all times during the exercise to prevent any grave injury. You can then move on to Lunges with the aid of weights. Stand upright with 30 pounds dumbbell in each hand. Then move your right leg for about two feet in front and then bend your right leg so as to pull in all the weight of your body on the right hip.

Get down but don’t let your left knee touch the ground. Then as you feel the stretch while you lunge, pull yourself up and get back to your starting position. Then repeat the same process with your left leg.

Do 3 to 4 sets of 10 repetitions each. You can combine your leg routine with your hip routine for convenience.


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2. Rest

Train your hip muscles for a day in a week and then rest them for 48 hours. Resting does not mean staying in bed for the next two days but just ensuring that you do not train your hip muscles for the next 48 hours. Resting allows the muscles to recuperate from the stress of heavyweight training.


3. Diet

For building your muscles, proteins are the most important nutrients in your food chart. Make sure that your daily diet comprises of chicken breasts, turkey, salmon, egg whites and skimmed milk. Add carbohydrates and essential fats for fuelling those workout sessions. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with adequate amount of water intake.