How To Build Muscle For A Male

How To Build Muscle For A Male

All of us wish to feel good when we take a look in the mirror and find a reflection that is well sculpted and beautiful. It’s all in having a muscular form that gets your level of confidence up high and running.

Now to get a great body one has to put in the requisite effort for achieving the same. It involves extensive training and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. Building muscle is a progressive process and the growth is often hindered by improper recovery from sessions of heavy training.

Injuries should be avoided by staying cautious and understanding your body well. Maintaining muscle mass also involves a thorough training program coupled with a balanced diet. In the present article we would discuss steps to develop muscle mass and stay in great shape.

Muscle Building Tips For Men

1. Warming up

A session of weightlifting should always be preceded by a session of warm-up exercises. A warming-up session is necessary to get your body prepared for a session of weight training.

Your muscles need to get enough blood flowing through them before you can start pushing them with weights and hence you need to get them warmed up. Go for a session of cardio and stretching for warming-up your muscles.

Warming up

2. Bodybuilding Routine

Develop a routine for your body that will concentrate on all the groups of muscle that you wish to build. You can go for training either one or two groups of muscles on a given day. While starting a routine go for a warm-up round with weights. This involves performing the opening set with lighter weights and then progressing to heavier weights.

While performing these exercises with weights you should always make sure that the right form and technique is applied to avoid serious injuries. For every exercise try going for three sets of ten to twelve repetitions each and make sure you lift the right amount of weight that is permitted by your body. Once your body is conditioned, you can afford to push it with heavier lifts and its going to show developments at a faster pace.

Bodybuilding Routine

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3. Rest

When you work-out a group of muscles, it gets stretched and bruised. The soreness that you feel the next day of work-out is because of that wear and tear which you have put your muscle through during work-out.

While resting the affected group of muscles recuperate and get tighter and stronger than before. So it is imperative to let your muscles rest for at least a day or two before focussing on them again. Rest should include a daily dose of sound sleep of seven to eight hours.


4. Diet

A balanced diet helps you in pushing yourself in the gym and repairing those bruised muscles and helping them to grow bigger, better and stronger. Go for proteins in the form of eggs and lean meat like chicken and turkey.

Carbohydrates should include vegetables and whole grains while nuts and almonds act as a source of fats that are healthy and essential for your body. Try and keep yourself hydrated by consuming three to four litres of water daily.