How To Build Muscle For A Skinny Person

How To Build Muscle For A Skinny Person

Most people around us are obsessed with how they look. Nowadays it’s not just about their hair or skin but mostly about their figure. It’s all about staying in shape and getting that form which is worth envying. But sweeter things take hard work to achieve and so it is for a great body.

The trend that we see nowadays is people who are overweight trying to lose those extra pounds and get in shape.However, there is also a group of people who suffer from the lack of proper body mass. Yes, it’s the skinny people whom we are talking about. Guys who are too thin do wish for a bulkier frame.

Skinny Guy Muscle Building Tips:

As the science tells us, it’s tougher for a skinny guy to gain muscle than it is for a fat guy to gain muscle while shedding fat. But as they say where there is a will there is a way. So the difficult can be achieved with a bit of planned training and lot of hard work. So, let’s begin.

1. Right Diet:

Now, when a thin person is trying to add some mass to his body it is imperative for him to eat the right food in the right amount. The preferred choice of nutrients would be a high amount of protein along with carbohydrates and essential fats. Protein helps us to build muscle. The amino acids present in protein helps in adding to the muscle fibres thus making them bigger and stronger.

Protein rich foods include chicken, turkey, beef, egg whites, fish and dairy products. Carbohydrates should also be given ample importance as they provide the body with adequate amount of energy to push through the sessions of training in the gym. Essential fats can be had in the form of almonds, walnuts and fish oil. Drink minimum of 3 to 4 litres of water a day to keep yourself hydrated.

Right Diet

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2. Weight Training:

You would not come across a man who has gained big muscles with smaller weights. For getting yourself all bulked up, you need to lift heavy weights. For people who are skinny it might turn out to be a bit difficult to push and pull heavier weights but once the training starts, the body starts adapting to the training and diet.

Skinnier people have the advantage of going for heavier meals as they do not have to worry about shedding extra pounds. More food means more energy and that translates to heavier sessions in the gym. Target the muscle groups that develop quickly. Work on your chest and try bench pressing with heavier weight as it lets your chest muscle develop faster. Work on your biceps, lats and shoulders to get a wider look.

Weight Training

3. Rest:

It’s very common for a guy working with weights to go overboard when he sees improvement in his physique. But it should be remembered that the main aim is to build muscles and not breaking them down. For developing muscles it is imperative to let them rest after heavy training. Proper rest allows the muscles to grow faster and stronger.