How To Build Muscle In A Woman

How To Build Muscle In A Woman

When it comes to building muscle, women have always been sceptical about it. There is somehow a common misconception that a woman would develop musculature just like a man if she gets into weight training. But as I have said that it’s a misconception.

A woman’s metabolism and hormonal get up does not allow her to develop muscles as big as a male bodybuilder. However, if a proper routine comprising of the right diet and training is followed then a toned, desirable figure is achievable. In this article we are about to discuss about the process of building muscles in women effectively.
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Muscle Building Tips For Women:

1. Starting Out:

To start, a routine needs to be developed that depends on your body type. Get a professional trainer to help you out in getting you a training chart and diet plan.

A session of training should comprise of cardio and weight training. Start off slowly and once you get a hang of things then push your limits. Focus on toning your muscles and not bulking up. A toned body is what a woman needs to flaunt. The secret of success lies in training regularly and not losing your focus and intensity.

Starting Out

2. Weight Training:

Training with weights is the most effective way of burning fat and developing muscles. In women the training part is same as men but it’s only the intensity that would vary. The science behind building different muscle groups remains the same but it’s the resistance that would vary.

For toning the muscles, the focus needs to be on higher number of repetitions. The amount of weight lifted would depend on the trainee but essentially for a woman, it’s lighter weights and greater number of reps. Go for 3 sets with 6 reps for each. If your muscles do not feel tired after completing 6 reps then you should look at increasing the weight you are working with.

Weight Training

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3. Diet:

A balanced diet is very important when you are out building muscles. For the better part, protein is the main nutrient that is to be consumed. Proteins not only fuels your workouts but it also helps in repairing and building muscles. Essentially a woman should consume 10 to 20 grams of lean protein while undergoing weight training.

You can have lean protein in the form of chicken breasts, turkeys, egg whites, fish and skimmed milk. Whey supplements are also good for muscle building.
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Protein bars can also be had for snacks. Junk food and aerated drinks need to be avoided. Your body needs to stay hydrated. Drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water is a must.


4. Rest:

For effective muscle building, proper amount of rest is absolutely necessary. When you train hard, your muscles break down and they need to repair for better growth. Muscles repair themselves properly only when they are rested extensively.

A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a woman to get the muscles repaired and ready for regular and extensive training.

Any muscle group should be trained once in a week and then allowed to rest properly before stretching them again.