How To Build Muscle Mass For Boxing

How To Build Muscle Mass For Boxing

Boxing is a sport which requires a lot of strength.  Only some exercises build your total body strength to equip you for boxing.  Besides total body strength, there is also need for stamina and endurance. Boxing is a sport where you need to have high muscle mass and density.
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  In order to do this, you have to generate more muscle fibers and this can only be accomplished if you train with consistency and regularity.

In order to be a successful boxer, you need to have endurance, strength, speed, stamina and most importantly muscle mass.

The more muscle mass you will have, the more force you will be able to achieve in your boxing moves.

6 Building Muscle Mass For Boxing

1. Increase Your Calorific Intake

Increase Your Calorific Intake

In order to build muscle mass, you need to consume considerable number of calories.  You need to eat somewhere between 250 to 500 more calories to ensure that you are able to gain muscle mass.You should eat 3 large meals and about two to three protein shakes in a day so that you gain muscle mass.

2. Undergo Training At The Right Time

Undergo Training At The Right Time

In order to build muscle mass for boxing, you need to perform muscle building exercises. You should train during the off season. Lifting weights once in a while will not get you the desired results. A muscle building hypertrophy program can really help you to gain muscle mass which lead to superior performance in the boxing arena. When you do not have bouts, make sure you schedule your training and stick to it with dedication and commitment.

3. Eat Complete Proteins

Eat Complete Proteins

Make sure you eat complete proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and poultry products which will enhance your muscle mass. Vegetarian sources of protein are generally incomplete so you should rely on protein shakes and whey protein if you are a vegetarian. In order to gain muscle mass, you must consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

4. Develop The Right Muscle Groups

Develop The Right Muscle Groups

The muscles pertaining to the legs, chest, triceps and shoulders must be developed as these are vital for boxing. It is important to be able to ensure the right muscle groups are exercised so that their flexibility improves and this allows ease of movement in the boxing arena.The upper arm muscles are necessary for throwing strong punches and the leg muscles enable quick movements while boxing. Therefore, muscle groups for both these areas should be well developed.
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You should do bench presses, squats, deadlifts and lunges in order to gain muscle mass for boxing.

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5. Combine Cardiovascular And Resistance Training

Combine Cardiovascular And Resistance Training

You need to perform the right blend of cardiovascular and resistance training in order to be able to get the right results.You need to perform cardio intensive exercises along with basic resistance training so as to get the muscle mass for boxing. You must do warm ups before doing the workout in order to improve flexibility and avoid injury.
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6. Adequate Rest Intervals

Adequate Rest Intervals

You need to have adequate rest intervals so that muscles can repair and recover during that period. In order to avoid injury and overtraining also, you need to have breaks between sets and rest days as well. To build muscle mass, you need to ensure that you have adequate rest period so that muscles can repair, recover and grow.