How To Build Muscle Mass Without Gaining Fat

3 Ways To Build Muscle Mass Without Gaining Fat

Building muscle mass without gaining fat is a difficult process. This is because muscle mass has to be gained by increasing calorific intake but losing fat requires the lowering of the calorific intake. However, there is a balance which can be struck between the two by losing fat to gain muscle.

Gaining muscle mass requires the right diet and workout and this can only be achieved by ensuring that certain guidelines are followed. There can be no doubt that gaining muscle mass without gaining fat is possible when these guidelines are strictly followed. Gaining muscle mass is a complex process and requires taking different factors into account while working out and eating the right diet.

6 Building Muscle Mass Without Gaining Fat

Eat More Protein

Eat More Protein

Your calorific intake should be maximal to increase your muscle mass without gaining fat. Concentrate on eating a diet high in protein as protein helps to build muscle mass. Eat about 1.5 to 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

Ensure that the protein intake is good. This will ensure muscle building and recovery after the workout. Protein shakes are also a good idea.

Limit Carbohydrates

Ensure that you limit carbohydrates to the pre and post workout time. Eating more carbohydrates than you can burn is not a good plan if you want to gain muscle mass and stop fat gain. Carbohydrates before and after the sessions are a good way to provide fuel for the workout session and boost your energy levels to build muscles.

Limit Carbohydrates

Eat Less Fat

Ensure that your fat intake is not high. Eating empty calories will not help you to build muscle mass and keep your weight in check at the same time. Eating more fat than you can burn will not optimize your workout session.

It will lead to unnecessary weight gain and cause a problem. Eating more fat is not the right way and it will definitely lead to difficulties.

Eat Less Fat

Choose The Correct Supplements

The right supplements can help you to build muscle mass without gaining fat. The correct supplements to eat for gaining muscle mass without getting fat are creatine, protein shakes and multivitamins. These can help you to be able to gain muscle mass quickly.


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Balance Cardio And Resistance Training

To gain muscle mass without getting fat, you need to optimize your workout session. Resistance training with lower repetitions but more weights will help you to build muscle mass. At the same time, you need to incorporate some cardio in your workout session as well. Cardiovascular exercises ensure that you do not gain weight.

In fact, they help in fat loss. Therefore, the right approach is to have a workout which is a blend of cardio and resistance training, so that muscle mass can be gained without gaining fat.

Balance Cardio

Rest And Recovery Period

Make sure that you rest your muscles. There should be rest intervals between sets and rest days when you do not exercise. These are crucial for there to be some amount of muscle recovery.

After exercising, muscles need rest to prevent muscle soreness and tiredness. The process of gaining muscle mass is only possible when there is sufficient time for rest and recuperation.