How To Diagnose Arm Muscle Injury

Putting too much stress upon the arm muscles, while stretching or lifting heavy weights, may lead to arm muscle injuries.
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Arm muscles are one of the smallest muscle groups in human body and are quite delicate indeed. If you have injured your arm muscles it is better to consult a doctor than trying to fix the problem on your own.

Home treatments may further worsen the condition if it is a serious injury. However, you can apply home remedies after consulting a professional. Here, you will get few instructions related to diagnosis of arm muscle injuries.

Effective Ways To Diagnose Your Arm Muscle Injury

Note the Reaction

Concentrate on the reaction of your arm muscles when subjected to normal use. A muscle injury can be easily recognised if you are unable to move your arms or if you are experiencing swelling, pain or bruising in a particular area.

Diagnose Arm Muscle Injury

You will certainly need medical attention if you hear any popping sounds at the time of muscle movements or if the pain does not alleviate within 24 hours.


There are 4 ways by which you can diagnose your arm muscle injury. Out of these you can diagnose the three types easily, all by yourself and you do not have to use any instruments for that. These 3 types of injuries can be diagnosed just from the everyday activities.

Active Trigger Point

If you are feeling the pain throughout the day irrespective of what activity you perform then you are certainly experiencing an active trigger point. The pain is restricted to a particular affected area.

Latent Trigger Point

Latent Trigger Point

Sometimes the pain is experienced at a certain point of time, especially while performing certain activities. In this case, occasional pain during certain activities is inflicted only when strain is induced upon the injured arm muscles and is called the latent trigger point.

Secondary Trigger Point

While moving a part of your arms, you might have often felt pain in the potentially injured arm muscles. This is known as secondary trigger point where straining a neighbouring muscle induces pain in the injured arm muscles.
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Treatment For Arm Muscle Injury

Immediately after experiencing an arm muscle injury, you can try few home remedies before you take a trip to the doctor’s chamber. There are various home treatments, out of which, the PRICE formula works perfectly when it comes to immediate relief.
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It is also a safer process. Now, let us see what this PRICE stands for.
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Remove any wraparounds or accessories and protect the affected muscles from further injuries. Make sure you do not repeat the conditions that led to this injury.
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Arm Muscle Injury treatments

Any type of strain may worsen the pain. Provide some rest to the injured arm muscles and refrain from exercises or workouts.


Immediate ice treatment after the injury not only helps to recover quickly but also prevents inflammation. Do not apply the ice directly. Place a cloth or towel in between your skin and ice.
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Keep the injured arm muscles under moderate compression by wrapping it with a cloth bandage.


Always try to elevate your injured arm by placing it on the surface of a high table or arm rest. This will prevent swelling of the affected area.
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