How To Do Frog Jump Exercises And Their Benefits

Frog jumps are one of those exercises that can be done in the ease of your home, garden or even any outdoor space. You don’t need any gym equipment out there and can get started with just a little bit of practice. There are many amazing benefits of the frog jump exercise, but you should remember to do it the right way with some warm up to avoid injuries. Here’s an insight on the same-

These Are Frog Jump Exercises And Their Benefits

Basic Leap Frog

For the frog jump exercise stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Now go into a squat, as deep as you feel comfortable and then leap forward. You should leap at least one feet forward. Now keep going as many steps as you can. Stop for a breather and then start again. You can combine this with other cardio workouts too.

Leap Frog Jump

For this exercise, when you are doing the basic frog jump, you get into an intense jump. So instead of jumping you leap as high in the air as you can. This is an advanced form so you should be careful about intensifying your jump till you are unsure.

Lateral And Frontal Leap Frog

This one makes the workout more strenuous and takes your exercise to another level. For this workout, you do the basic leap but instead of going front, you first go side, then front, then side again, etc. So you are working on different muscles groups on this one.

Benefits of Frog Jump Exercise

Plyometric Benefit

One of the biggest advantage of this exercise set is that it gets you plyometric benefits. In simple terms, it means that you are putting muscles to use, which are usually otherwise ignored or not really put to good use. The lateral frog jump in particular puts those muscles to good use and wakes them up.

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Adds Strength

The other benefit of the frog jump exercises are that they add strength to the body and help your lower body get stronger. This is an exercise session that works on the legs muscles including the hamstrings, calves and even glutes. It also gives more strength the butts.

Aids In Fat Loss And Weight Loss

This is one of the rare exercise combinations that works on the cardio part of your body along with the toning of muscles too. So it helps in both fat loss and weight loss. Women in particular, who are heavier on the bottom should try doing this exercise set. It helps to shed off flab from the lower part of the body along with making you look leaner and toned up.

Reduces Stiffness And Pain

Those who are suffering from pain and stiffness in the knees and joints can get respite from this set. Do remember that if you have issues like arthritis or bone problems, then consult a doctor before starting this. But otherwise, this is a great agility exercise to get your legs grooving.

Boosts Memory

This set of exercises releases hormones and sends cognitive signals to the brain. As a result of this, you get a memory boost and are able to coordinate movements too. It is ideal for those who want to improve motor skills also.

Works On Core

This is one exercise set that gets your core muscles working too and boosts the powerhouse. When you are doing these jumps, suck in your stomach and jump from the core, feel the push there. As a result, it helps in adding more strength to your body’s core or powerhouse.


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