How To Do Roman Chair Exercises

How To Do Roman Chair Exercises

Roman chair exercise is one of the best exercises that are considered to be ideal for increasing the abdominal strength and building up the endurance without exerting any unnecessary strain on your back or neck.

Roman chair is common exercise equipment that can be easily found in various gyms. Though the size of the roman chair may differ, but the purpose remains the same, which is to work the muscles of the lower back through hyperextension exercises.

The roman chair exercises need to be performed with utmost care, so that you do not hurt yourself by performing any step incorrectly.
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Ways To Perform The Roman Chair Exercises

1. Focusing On The Lower Abdominals Using Bent Leg Lifts

To perform this exercise, you need to stand straight by leaning your back against the roman chair in the standing position with your feet placed firm on the floor. Then place the lower back into the cushion and hold the armrest handles tightly.

Suck in the abdominal muscles and bend the knees in such a way that you can comfortably lift your legs till the thighs are placed parallel to the hips. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then lower your legs.

Focusing On The Lower Abdominals Using Bent Leg Lifts

2. Focusing On The Lower Abdomen Using Straight Leg Lift

For this exercise, you need to stand straight with your back placed straight against the standing roman chair with feet again placed on the foot tray or firm on the floor. Firmly hold the handles and suck in the lower abs and then exhale properly.

Then move your legs in a straight out position by keeping the hips still pressed against the back of the chair.
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Then lift your legs by using the abdominal muscle power.
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Hold the position for a while and then go back to your normal position before repeating it again.
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Focusing On The Lower Abdomen Using Straight Leg Lift

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3. Back Extensions

Back extension is also effective way of doing the roman chair exercise. Sit on the roman chair by facing down and placing your abdomen above your hips on the rolled cushion.

Also, place your feet under or between the rolled cushions for stability. Try to hang your body forward.

Suck in the abdomen muscles and then exhale slowly by lifting your body using the lower back muscles till your hips come in a parallel position to the upper body.

Back Extensions

4. Weighted Hyperextension

Place your feet on the foot pads of the roman chair and then position the central pad under your thighs by facing forward. Hold a barbell plate to your chest firmly and cross both your arms over the weight that you are using with both hands.
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Then lower your head as well as the upper body towards the floor and try to lift the upper body with the back still straight till they are aligned with your legs.

Weighted Hyperextension

5. Russian Twist

To perform this exercise, position the ankle pads used for roman chair exercise so that the pads get parallel to the hip pad.

Adjust your ankles and position the lower buttocks on your hip pad, which must face upwards. Make sure you hold the upper body in a perfect alignment of your legs.

Hold your arms crossed over your chest, and slowly try to twist your upper body to one of the sides and then to the other side without turning your legs and buttocks.

Russian Twist