While exercising is good for your health, exercising in an incorrect way can lead to serious injuries and much harm and damage to your body. The deadlift is a critical part of any workout. It is crucial to prevent injury during deadlifts by avoiding poor form. If the deadlift is poorly performed, you can end up causing serious injury to your back and spine.

To avoid injury during deadlifts, you must maintain good form and ensure that the deadlift is performed in an accurate manner. In this article, we will explore the ways to ensure that deadlifts are performed in such a way that they are not injurious or harmful.

4 Ways To Prevent Injury During Deadlifts

Maintain A Good Posture

To prevent pressure from building up on your spine and lower back, ensure that your back is straight while performing the deadlift. Your back should be as straight as if you were sitting on a chair and when you start lifting by going down, your thighs should be parallel to the floor. You should also see to it that your knee does not exceed your toes and does not go beyond your heels either.

Your muscles should be taking the effort to execute the deadlift and the pressure should not be on your arms. Keeping the body in a straight line ensures that there is maximum muscle tension so that huge amounts of weight can be lifted without injuring yourself. You need to bend the upper part of your body to ensure that the weight of the bar falls on you in a balanced way. Bend your knees even while returning the bar to its place after performing the deadlift as this will help to relieve pressure from your back.

Get A Good Grip

You should maintain a good grip on the bar. Straps can also be used by you to get a good grip on the bar. You should have a good reverse grip on the bar with one hand over it and the other hand beneath it.

This ensures the weight of the bar is evenly distributed between the two hands. Use a staggered grip to prevent injury during deadlifts.

Don’t Drop The Weight Abruptly

Do not drop the bar in free fall after performing the deadlift. This will prevent you from jerking your back while going for the second repetition.

The lower back can be injured if the weight is dropped rapidly or abruptly

It is a common tendency for people to let the weight stay there after releasing it rapidly and causes the body to jerk while repeating the movement.

Don’t Look Up

Do not look in an upward direction while performing the deadlift. If you do so, you can harm your spine. You run the risk of cervical hyperextension which can lead to a serious injury to the base of your spine. Hence while performing the deadlift, ensure that you are facing straight ahead and not staring upwards while lifting the bar or placing it down.


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