How To Exercise The Back After A Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is the most vulnerable area when it comes to bodybuilding. Your vertebra is under constant compression while lifting heavy weights for building muscle mass. You should train your core muscles to avoid spine injuries and if you are already having one then you should not ignore it as in case of a muscle pain.
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Prolonged break from the training program can decrease the pain to some extent, but you may encounter potential problems if you decide to start training again. You can improve the condition of your spinal cord by rebuilding the muscles around it, but you need to be very careful.

spinal cord injury exercise program

If you strain your injured spinal cord too much, you may end up aggravating or exacerbating your spinal health. When you are training after experiencing a severe spinal injury, you should not try to lift heavier weights or surpass the normal range of motion.

Getting Started

Before you start your training you must consult a doctor who specializes in such injuries. Physicians will recommend to start with light weights and continue for at least 10 minutes.

A gradual increase in time and type of training will certainly benefit the patient, but you need to have assistance to avoid further injuries.

While you are getting started, the simple and effective exercise that can stimulate your recovery is breathing. Breathing exercises will not only strengthen the respiratory system, but will also help to enhance the level of blood circulation inside your body.

How To Exercise The Back After A Spinal Cord Injury

Cardiovascular Exercises

A healthy heart will embed some confidence in the patients to engage in everyday activities and this can be achieved through cardiovascular exercises. The cardio exercise machines are the best way a spinal cord injury patient can get adapted to his training programs. These machines include treadmills, arm ergometers, rowing machines and bicycle ergometers.

Range of Motion Exercises

Spinal cord injury patients can participate in such exercises where they can keep their muscles and joints flexible to avoid pain, pressure sores and future injuries.

Range of Motion Exercises

The range of motion exercises will not only help to maintain the muscle mass, but will also increase circulation between joints.

Leg Raise for Back

Lie flat on the floor such that your shoulders, neck, legs and pelvis are perfectly aligned. Now, raise your legs with the knees bent and try to move them towards your chest.
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You should have an assistant helping you to push the knees upward in a slow and steady motion.

You should stop the movement immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain and hold your legs in that position for 10 seconds.
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You can evenly count up to 10 instead of using a stopwatch and can also abbreviate the interval if you experience any pain. Return back to the flat position with the same controlled motion.

Start with 10 repetitions and as your capacity and range of motion increases you can easily increase the repetitions.

Weight Training

All the above exercises are devoid of any free weights. When you get used to such strength building exercises you can start weight training under the guidance of an expert to increase strength and endurance of your back muscles.