7 Treatments For Sore Muscles & Joints

You cannot find a single cause explaining the reason behind your sore muscles and joints. Your problem can be the consequence of poor nutrition, overworked ligaments or muscles, aging or hypertension. Though you will not get any automatic cure for the pain in your joints or muscles, but you will certainly get a number of ways to alleviate the pain.

Sore Muscles & Joints

The ultimate fix for your painful joints and muscles is to provide them enough time to relax and regain its prior strength.
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Once you recover or fix your sore muscles and joints, you can easily resume your daily activities.
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How To Fix Sore Muscles & Joints

Ice Treatment

Apply a sealable ice pack upon the affected joint or muscle. You can also make your own ice pack with a plastic bag and seal it with your hand.
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However, do not apply ice directly to your skin as it may cause frostbites.

Use dry washcloths or thin towels to wrap around the ice before applying it on the affected area. 10 to 15 minutes of ice treatment for a few times per day will not only reduce the inflammation, but will also reduce the pain.

Ice Pack

Heating Pad

As soon as the pain subsides, replace the ice pack with a heating pad. This will reduce the tension and will help the affected muscles or joints to relax. In order to heal your sore muscles and joints, continue this alternating treatment 3 to 4 times after the injury.

Heating Pad


Over-the-counter medications are quite useful at times when it comes to targeting any discomfort or pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen are the safer and common anti-inflammatory drugs.

If you are planning to take something more, make sure you are taking the required dosage as mentioned on the medication box or as recommended by the pharmacist.


Doctor’s Appointment

If the pain in your sore muscles or joints in quite severe, you can go for a stronger medication under the supervision of your general physician. Your drug prescription is bound to contain the muscle relaxants like morphine, diazepram, codeine or cyclobenzaprine if you are suffering from sore muscles.

Doctor’s Appointment


Visit a massage parlour or help yourself massaging the affected muscles or joints. A slow and steady massage helps in proper flow of the nutrients all over your body.

An enhanced blood circulation through body massage will not only spread the essential nutrients in your body, but will also help in relaxing the stiff, tense or sore joints and muscles.



Stiffness in joints and muscles are sometimes caused solely due to dehydration. If you drink plenty of water and other sports fluids before, during and after the workout sessions, you can definitely ensure fixing your major or minor sores.



Do not hesitate when it comes to investing in a surgery for your sore joints or muscles. However, you must make sure that the surgery is approved by your general physician.
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The back and the knees are the common places for surgeries and a surgery is usually regarded as the ultimate measure to fix joint or muscle sores. If you are not confident about it, you should discuss the same with your doctor.