How To Gain Muscle As A Natural Body Builder


In order to become a natural body builder, you need to focus on every aspect of your life that brings about the changes in your body over time. It is extremely necessary to understand the need of your body before you decide to bring any changes to it. However, a natural body builder must always focus on his workout routine and change the diet according to the needs of his body.

As a natural body builder it is not only the heavy duty weight training that pushes you to win your daily challenges, but the dedication that you put into your daily workout and each muscle group in your body.
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Before you hit the nearest gym and get on with your exercises, you must decide the appropriate routine for yourself.

Working on all the muscle groups per day requires huge stamina and is suitable for the beginners who are looking for change in shape and get an idea about the exercises related to each muscle group. If you are an intermediate, you need to focus on a single muscle group per day for an enhanced definition and divide the daily routine according to target muscle groups. All you need is some dedication to achieve a chiselled physique.

3 Tips To Gain Muscle As A Natural Body Builder


Shoulder Rotation Exercise

It is already mentioned earlier that creating a suitable exercise routine is extremely necessary for a natural body builder. You should have some knowledge regarding the exercises you are performing. Using heavy resistance like weight plates, dumbbells and barbells certainly builds your muscles at a faster rate, but you should know the exact sets and repetitions for each set before you start lifting them.In order to increase the volume of a particular muscle group, you need to perform the required exercises in its proper form with heavier weights and lower repetitions. While using heavier weights you can only be able to lift them 4 or 5 times per set, but it is enough provided your muscles are completely fatigued.

Daily Exercises

Daily Exercises


You must get into the habit of daily exercising and once you feel easy about every exercise you perform, try to shift immediately to a different routine where you can work upon separate muscle groups each day. In between the workouts a particular muscle group requires at least a day to recover and this can be easily managed if you isolate your entire routine.
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Muscles need proper rest to heal and develop. If you are performing leg exercises on Monday, do not revisit the leg muscle workouts till Wednesday.
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Try to focus on arms or back muscles on Tuesday.



When you are dieting to become a natural body builder, you need to increase your daily protein intake. However, too much of protein in blood is also unhealthy. A balanced diet is what you need to keep your body at a healthy state while you are pumping the muscles. Lean meats and egg whites must be accompanied by vegetables, fruits and some dairy products. Avoid skipping meals or snacks and do consume lots of carbohydrates to sustain your daily activities after workout.
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