How To Gain Muscle Mass Without Getting Fat

5 Mass Building Exercises

Almost everyone wants to gain muscle mass either to improve their physical appearance or to live a healthier lifestyle. But building muscles is not an easy task, one must dedicate himself to strict diet regime and maintain consistency in workouts. Only after that, the results will start to pop-up and finally end with low-fat muscular body.

Breaking down fat is the major aspect to concentrate in building muscle, but so is eating. You must learn to control your hunger and always eat low-fat foods. Proteins are the essential building blocks of muscles, so eat the foods which are rich in proteins and remember to sleep well for muscles to recover.

5 Mass Building Exercises

Concentrate more on mass building workouts, which targets more muscles groups to literally burn more calories.

Bench Press

Bench Press

One of the most popular exercise for building chest muscles. Lie down on a flat bench and hold the barbell at shoulder’s width. Lift the dumbbell from the rack and begin to press down slowly until it comes close to chest by lowering your arms.

Then push the weight back up by extending your arms fully.
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That would make one repetition, repeat for about 20 reps in 2 sets.


To build big legs or train your lower body, squat is the best exercise. A proper form is important to protect your back from serious damage. First, mount the weight on the rack and place the bar at back of your head. Hold the bar with your hands and lift it from the rack. Bend down slowly by using your knees and hips, without bending your back. Then move back up to first place and repeat the same for about 15 reps.


Dead Lift

Dead Lift is a powerful exercise to train your lower back. To start with, first load the barbell with proper weight and place it on the floor. Hold the barbell at shoulder’s width by bending your knees and torso, at the same time keep your back straight.

Stand up straight along with the barbell by using your knees.
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Then slowly lower the weight back down and do about 20 reps in 2 sets.

Dead Lifts

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Dumbbell Curls

To build big arms, one must do curling type of exercises. Dumbbell curls increases the size of biceps. To start with, first stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand.
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Keep your back straight and place the dumbbell close to sides of torso. Begin to lift the weights up, until the dumbbells come to shoulders level.
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Then lower the weight down to first place and repeat for 20 reps in 2 sets.

Dumbbell Curls

Protein Intake And Supplements

It quite necessary to intake protein rich foods like chicken breast, lean meat and eggs. Since proteins play a major role in muscle growth and size, you must supply your body with enough proteins.
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Right after your workout, you can chew a protein bar which consists of good amounts of protein and prepare your own 7 day meal plan that suits you better.

Supplements like whey protein, creatine and BCAAs can improve your workout performance and muscle growth. In addition to that, proper rest is quite essential so that muscles can recover from strenuous training.