How To Get A Body Builder Body For A Woman

How To Get A Body Builder Body For A Woman

When you hear about bodybuilding, you instantly relate that to workout of men, but many women are also getting into bodybuilding and they look hot. Woman body builders concentrate on proper techniques of lifting, training and dieting to match anatomy of female body.

How To Get A Body Builder Body For A Woman

1. Importance Of Diet For A Body Builder Woman

Importance Of Diet For A Body Builder Woman

You might be working out vigorously in the gym, but still you are not getting that desired shape. What is going wrong? Take a close look on your diet and you will get the answer.Stop eating three times in a day, rather eat after every three hours, but in small portion. Eating three times in a day does not supply enough nutrients for bodybuilding, as nutrients are required to repair muscle tissue, every hour.

2. Useful Diet For Woman Bodybuilders

Restrict Fat Intake

Healthy diet for woman bodybuilders must be inclusive of proteins, carbs, fruits, and vegetables. Eating white meat chicken, skinless chicken breast, fish, lean beef, egg whites, tuna, etc. can supply necessary protein that is needed for bodybuilding.

You should also include complex carbs in your diet such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, pastas, beans, etc. Healthy fats are also essential for women to have a physique like a bodybuilder. Eating nuts, avocado, organic peanut butter and sunflower oil can supply necessary source of fats into the body.

2. Learn Difference Of Male And Female Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding for men is more about looking massive and large, while women want to have sculpted muscles to look strong and toned. So, here are some exercise tips that will help you to understand how women can get a physique like the bodybuilders.

1. Knee-Length Bar Lifting

Knee-Length Bar Lifting

Standup on a floor and get relaxed. Spread your legs as much as the width of your shoulder. Add weights on a bar and make sure both ends have equal weight.Keep your back straight, bend the knees slightly and pull the bar up to the waist-height. Engage quadriceps, hamstrings, back and core while putting the bar down to the original position. Complete three sets of this exercise and do ten reps.

2. Over-Head Bar Lifting

Over-Head Bar Lifting

Put the bar with same weight on the floor and stand just behind it by spreading your legs shoulder width apart. Now lift the bar fully over your head and rest it on the neck and shoulders.

Make sure the bar is balanced equally on the shoulders while you bend knees to the angle of ninety degrees. Engaging gluts and quadriceps completely, return to the standing position. Perform four sets of this exercise and complete eight to ten reps in each set.

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3. Pull-Up


Hold a pull-up bar by stretching your arms wider than the width of your shoulder. Now, lift your body using pressure of your arms up to the bar so that your chin touches or gets lifted above the bar.Now, slowly get down to the initial position. This exercise is not easy and it will take time to master. Try to do three sets with eight to ten reps in each set, after you get acquainted with it.